Chrono Trigger: Relationships Chapter 4

Crono's Plan

By John Donahue

The man Crono spoke to smiled. Tonight will be a real...bang.


Crono landed on his face in the dank and grimy jail cell. As he heard the door slam behind him, he got up and looked over the small room. Well, he thought to himself, It'll be a while before Garn gets here, so what shall I do?


Glenn and Elina just stared at each other. Riding the ferry back to Porre, that was all they did. They just stared, each thinking how much they loved the other.

As they got off at the ferry station in Porre, a sight Glenn had seen rather often settled down before the two.

As Lucca climbed out of Epoch, she said, "Frog," then, noticing Frog was no longer there, she corrected herself. "Uh, Glenn, we have a problem!"

Glenn looked up at her and said, "Tell me about it."


Crono looked up to see Marle standing in front of him. "Please, Crono, find my killer, PLEASE!" she said. She started to fade from view. "It's the Captain...find him...the Captain..." she was gone.

Crono woke up with a start.

"Psst!" came in the night, outside of Crono's window.

"Garn, is that you?" asked Crono as he went to look.

"Who else would be climbing up a prison wall in the middle of the night to give firearms to an incarcerated person? Yeah it's me, you idiot."

"You have the stuff then?"

"Yup. You got the money?"

"Garn, I'm in jail. Do you think I have the money?"

"Okay, see ya then."

"Wait, wait. When I get out I'll pay you double."



"Deal. Here's the stuff." He passed a single pistol, and plenty of shots through the bars. He then offered his hand.

Crono shook it. "Good luck, man, don't get yourself killed," said Garn. "I need that money."

"Don't worry, you'll get it."

"Oh, and by the way, what are you gonna do with this stuff?"

"I've gotta avenge something. I've gotta kill the Captain."

Garn whistled. "That ain't gonna be easy, pal. He's one tough cookie."

"Then I'll die trying."

"Good Luck, you'll need it." Then, as an afterthought Garn said, "I hope you figured no magic into this, Crono."

"Why's that?"

"I been here before. This entire wing of the castle got an anti-magic system installed a week ago."

"Great, just great," Crono muttered. "Oh, well." He glanced around. "The guard's waking. Get outta here."

"Righto, see ya."


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