Chrono Trigger: Relationships Chapter 7

Banished Illusions

By John Donahue

Crono jumped, past the illusions of people he knew, over the illusion brink, onto the illusion gorge, and into the very real Captain.

Crono's eyes flew open. He was once again in the Guardia castle, pinning the Captain beneath him. But only for a second.

The Captain threw him off and stood up. Crono rolled onto his feet and looked around. He was in the castle basement, and besides the Captain, a man in a white labcoat was standing there, holding a syringe. The Captain stood, looking into Crono's eyes.

Crono spotted his gun and dove for it. When he had it in his hands, the two men were gone. Crono heard a sliding sound and turned to see a panel closing. He ran over, looking for a switch, a handle, or anything else that might open it.

He felt something and pushed. The door slid open. Crono walked in.


The Captain, enshrouded in darkness, gun trained on the entrance to the room, waited patiently for Crono to come.

While he waited, he reflected. Killing Nadia had been a masterful stroke, eliminating the only continuation of the Guardia line, and allowing him to move forward with his plan. However, he hadn't reckoned with the revenge-crazed boy who was chasing him now. Ah, well, he thought. We all do make mistakes.

Then the door slid open and the bot appeared.


Crono heard a shot, and reflexively ducked. Just in time too. He pulled his gun and fired at the sound's origin.

Just then, the lights came on. They revealed the Captain, his pistol trained on Crono, and holding a small match lighting a nearby lamp. Also, the other man was on the ground with a bullet in his face.

"Well, what have we here." Began the Captain. "An empty pistol, and a very stupid little boy." He pulled the trigger of his own back dangerously far. "Bye-bye now." He fired.

Crono tried to dodge, but the shot caught his shoulder, making two holes in his arm. When he got up, the Captain was gone again, a window open, the rain starting to come in.

"The bastard." Arm bleeding, Crono stopped only long enough to pick up the other man's ammunition before following the Captain.

Struggling out the window, Crono could see the Captain's silhouette whenever lightning hit. He was headed back to the ruins of the old cathedral.

Pain searing his arm whenever he moved, Crono followed.


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