Chrono Trigger: Relationships Chapter 8

Crono's Chase

By John Donahue

Back in the Throne Room, the others were nursing wounds. Elina helped Glenn stand and hobble over to a chair; Lucca did the best she could, until a doctor could be found.

"He's mad. That's all there is to it," said the King, realizing what would happen if Crono ever caught up to the Captain.

Lucca, however, had another notion. "Look, if he was out to kill somebody, it would have to be for a good reason. And I'd say to kill the murderer of your daughter is good enough.

The king sighed. "He had better be right."

The doctor arrived, and lead Glenn away, Elina in their midst.


Through the storm, Crono followed the Captain, never ceasing. He tracked the man through the woods, through the plains, and into the ruined Cathedral.

Once inside, Crono shut the door, ushering in complete darkness. Immideatly he heard a laugh.

"Well, my boy," the Captain began. "You have done well in making it this far. But can you find me before I kill you?"

Crono smiled. He had prepared for this. He raised his arms, guestured, and yelled into the blackness, "DARK SHIELDING!"

Immediately the spell took effect. A dark layer of film attatched itself to Crono's eyes. The Captain was clear to him immediately. Smiling, he walked over.

Tapping the man on the shoulder, he said, "Excuse me. Did you ever wonder what Marle said to me before she died?"

The Captain, however, did not flinch, did not cringe, only brought his hand up to Crono's eyes. Curious, Crono did nothing to stop this. Mistake. In a flash, quite literaly, the Captain lit a match, and Crono couldn't see.

Kicking him away, the Captain said, "Aw, did the bright light hurt your now-sensitive eyes? I'm sorry." He kicked him again, and brought his gun to bear.

"Goodbye, boy, I can't say it's been fun. He fired.

As the bullet hit Crono's head, his body shattered like glass.

The Captain was shocked. "What the Hell?" He asked rhetorically, looking around for any sign of the boy.

But Crono was already upon him.


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