Chrono Trigger: Relationships Chapter 9

Crono's Revelation

By John Donahue

"Ahh!" the Captain screamed, realizing who was on him now. All he felt was the weight of the boy on his back, and the boy's fists smashing into him over and over.

"Murderer!" Crono screamed, pounding the man over and over.

With a little effort, the Captain threw the boy off of him. The Captain stood over him then; straight up while Crono lay supine.

"Nice trick with that spell, boy. Sorry it didn't work the way you planned." He drew his sword, and placed it at Crono's neck. "Please," he began, "give Marle a kiss for me."

Crono stared the man in the eye. "Give it to her yourself, you bastard." He said. Then he swept the man's legs out from under him.

As the Captain toppled, so Crono rose. The sword clattered to the ground. Crono smashed the hilt with his foot, and the blade leaped into the air.

Catching it deftly, Crono held the point to the Captain's throat. "Suprising how fast things change, isn't it?" Crono asked.

"Yes," the Captain muttered. "I suppose it is." Clutching the ground, he threw dirt in Crono's eyes.

The Captain stood and ran as Crono tried to paw the stuff from his face. As soon as it was clear, Crono shouted to the fleeing form, "You bastard!" he spun, and launched the sword from his grip, heaving it spinning toward the Captain with deadly accuracy.

The Captain turned, caught it, yelled, "Thank you, boy," sheathed it, and kept running. Out into the pouring rain.

Crono followed. He tracked as best he could, the rain washing away footprints nearly as fast as the Captain made them. But still he tracked the man. Dawn came, and he found himself at the docks, watching a ferry pull away. A ferry headed for Medinia. Turning his head, he spat, and went to book passage on the next one out.


Lucca sat near Glenn's bed, where he lay asleep. Elina had gone to get some water. While she watched Glenn's slow, even breathing, she thought about Crono, and what had happened. He had always been her best friend. Once Marle had come, their relationship...changed. And once she died, all logical thought had been pushed out of Crono's head. He was a machine. A machine made for one thing. Revenge.

Without another thought, she stood up and left, intent on finding him.


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