Tides of Chaos Chapter 2

By John Donahue

Crono led Dariun over Zenan Bridge, into Truce, and up to the northernmost part of Leene Square, where two teenage girls were working on some kind of machine.

"Dar, this is Marle," said Crono, indicating the blonde, "and this is Lucca," he said, indicating the girl in glasses. "Marle, Lucca, this is Dar. He's a bartender at the Flaming Blade, and a bearer of Fire magic."

"Hmm, interesting," Lucca murmured. "Well, how much do you know?"

"Well, I know the original Fire spells, plus a few others, like when I can channel it through my sword which, ironically, makes it a--"

"--Flaming Blade," Lucca finished for him. Over the next few hours, Lucca and Dar talked, and talked, and talked, not even aware that Marle went back to the castle and Crono went back to the Ferry.

"So, ever since then, I've been trying to re-open the Gates," finished Lucca. Dar looked at the sun. "Ouch, I gotta go. It's been fun talking to you, and finding out about all the stuff, especially Crono's relationship with Marle. I'll try to come around more often."

"Alright, Dar, bye," said Lucca as he left. Wow... she thought to herself. I think I like him...


As Dar walked in, he once again heard the sounds of a fight. It was Crono, again. Only this time a few things were different. First, by the look, Crono was sober. Second, the odds weren't 3 to 1, but 10 to 1. Third, weapons were drawn. And last, Crono was losing. For a minute, Dar just stood in shock. Then he went to help. Punch here, duck here, roll out of the way, etc. After a few minutes, a wide slash appeared on Dar's face. Leaping out of the fight, he went and grabbed his sword. Immediately out of the scabbard, it started to glow. With both he and Crono working, it wasn't long before all ten lay unconscious, bleeding. After dragging them outside, Crono and Dar sheathed their blades, and sat down for a drink, after which they nursed their wounds.

"Nice fighting," said Crono, after a while.

"You weren't bad yourself," replied Dar.

"We make a good team."



After a few days, everything seemed to quiet down. No bar fights, the regular gossip was back, and then something strange happened: Crono started paying. A lot. Dar was shocked. He hadn't realized how much Crono's tab was until he actually saw the gold.

"...ten thousand, five hundred, eighty...ten thousand, five hundred, eighty-one...ten thousand, five hundred, eighty-two gold. There's my tab, paid up," said Crono, as he finished counting. Dar just stood there in shock.


Meanwhile, in another dimension...

"Look at them, men," said the cloaked figure, "enjoying themselves, the two females reveling in their success, the boy in the bar, drinking away his problems... look at them, my soldiers, look at them and hate. For soon, you will bring them fear. You will show them what it means to fight." These words were followed by sinister laughter.


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