Tides Of Chaos Chapter 3

By John Donahue

Crono walked out of the Flaming Blade that night, and started on his way back up to the inn in Truce, a long hike. The Ferry was closed, and he didn't have enough cash (for once) to stay in Porre, since he already had an advance payment on the room. As he was crossing Zenan, something odd happened. A portal, looking much like a Gate, only red, opened up, and several black-cloaked figures pored out. Upon seeing him, they drew swords. Crono, in his wasted state, was no match for him, even with the Rainbow. After a few minutes, he was out cold. As the figures dragged him through the portal, maniacal laughter sprang out.

"Good, my children, good..."


The next day...

"Lucca, you're the greatest!" Marle yelled as the Time Gate leapt into re-existence.

"Marle, don't think you didn't help! C'mon, let's go get Crono!"

The two girls practically ran down to Porre, but when they got to the town, Crono was nowhere to be found. Dar said that he hadn't been there all day.

"Lucca, I'm worried. This isn't like him. Where would he go?"

"Marle, I don't know. Let's ask Gaspar, he knows everything, or as close as makes no difference." "Good idea, Lucca."

Five minutes later, the two were at the Gate. Stepping in, it was a matter of seconds before they were at the End of Time. Upon arriving there, they gaped in horror. The place was demolished. The Pillars of Light were sealed, except for the one to their own time, the archway falling apart, and the pole where Gaspar always stood was in ruin. As for Gaspar, himself? Well, he was lying down, in front of the pole, with Spekkio leaning over him.

"What happened?" Marle managed to get out.

"Several cloaked figures emerged from a Red Portal, destroyed the place, sealed the pillars, and badly wounded Gaspar," said the red Nu. Lucca squatted down beside the fallen Guru. "I think he'll be okay, but for now, let's get him out of here," she said.

"Not a bad idea, Lucca, but where will we take him that won't arouse suspicion?" asked Marle. "He is, after all, not exactly a person you would see daily, is he?"

"We can take him to the Flaming Blade. They get a lot of weird people, if you excuse the expression, there, and I'm sure Dar won't mind if we keep him in the bedroom in the back," she said.

"I will come also," said Spekkio, "after all, there is nothing here of any worth now. Plus the fact that whoever came may return."

"But aren't you the God of War, Spekkio? I thought you were the most powerful being in the galaxy," said Marle.

If the Nu could have gotten any redder, he would have. "Um, well, ah, you see, ah, uh, they were many, and, uh, stronger than you were, and, ah, you beat me, so, ah, um..." Marle grinned. "It's okay, we understand, but how are we going to get back? There are four of us, and a gate will only take three without sending them all here." Spekkio answered, "If I carry Gaspar over my shoulder, and we go through together, that should enable us to go back to your time."

"Then let's go!" shouted Lucca. They all stepped into the Pillar of Light, and began the transport.

Then everything went horribly wrong.


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