Tides Of Chaos Chapter 6

By John Donahue

"Oh, crap," began Tristain, just before they opened fire.

"RUN!" yelled Lucca.

They did, but orderly. First, Frog stabbed one last time, then hopped away quickly. Then Robo started running. Dar cut, sheathed the sword, and ran. Ayla smashed again, and backfliped out. Tristain finally ran, under cover of Lucca's shots. Then Lucca left. As she ran past it, she had an idea. Quickly climbing into Epoch, she took to the air. Bringing weapon systems on-line, she stated in pursuit of the Neo-Epochs. Landing on one's tail, she blasted it back to wherever it came from. Orienting on the lead fighter, she hit the fire button as she realized that the last one was tailing her. Lucca gave a cry of despair as the laser beam lanced through Epoch as if it were paper.

Crono looked out the window of Guardia castle to see Epoch plummet into the forest. "NO!" he shouted, "NO!"

Five minutes later, the rest of them were all searching through the forest, hoping...

"I found her!" Marle yelled, as Lucca came stumbling out of the trees. Quickly she went to help her friend.

"Epoch's-" Lucca began, just before she fell unconscious."

Twenty minutes afterwards, Lucca awoke to find herself in Marle's room at the Castle. "What happened?" she began. Then, "Epoch? Where's Epoch?"

Marle, who was sitting nearby, answered sadly, "Epoch won't be joining us for a while. You were lucky, it was just a glancing shot, but it tore up Epoch's left wing pretty badly. Robo's doing his best. It can still travel through time, but it can't move. He's made several trips to the future to get supplies. It'll be a few day's, even with you're help."

"How's Crono?" asked Lucca.

"He'll be fine, but he has to stay off that arm, so no fighting for at least three days."

"What about everyone else on this continent?"

"We've relocated just about everyone here. The forces of Chaos are running amuck. Heavy casualties on both sides, civilians included."

"How many, Marle? How many died?"

"The eight of us killed about sixty before Crono got hurt," she looked away. "Then the palace guards formed up, and took out about 5500. They killed maybe sixteen hundred guards, and at least a thousand civilians en route here."

"Twenty-one hundred people dead...they have to be stopped." She got up. "I'm gonna go help Robo, and," suddenly and idea popped into her head. She told Marle.

"That's brilliant!" Marle exclaimed. "Who would've thought of using Lavos that way except you?"

"Oh, I don't know..." She left to talk with Robo about it.


Meanwhile, Crono was down in the Knight's quarters, drinking again. Tristain came down, and sat next to him. "You're gonna lose that way, boy."

"What do you mean-hic-I'm gonna lose?"

"We captured you before because you were drunk. I saw the way you fought. If you'd been sober, they never would have gotten you."

"Oh, shut up."

Dar came over. "He's right, Crono. You gotta kick the habit."

By now Crono was as wasted as he was ever going to be. He was also in a fighting mood. He stood up and drew the Rainbow. Standing a few feet away, he beckoned to Dar to fight. Dar just stood there.

"If we fight- and both of us know that who ever wins, the loser will be close to death- what will the King say? What will Lucca say? What will Marle say? I know how you feel about her, Crono, and what will she do if you kill me or I kill you?" asked Dar.

Crono's eyes filled with tears. Throwing the Rainbow from his grip, he ran from the room.

Tristain looked at Dar and grinned. "Nice speech. I wonder if he'll ever touch a drink again."

Dar just sighed with relief.


Lucca had discussed her plan with Robo, and he agreed it was a good one. Hopping into Epoch, they set the gauge for AD 1999, after a quick stop in the future, to pick up something. Emerging, they entered the Arris Dome. Lucca sated their request; "Do you still have Lavos' shell?"

The director answered, "Yes, of course. We have it as a memorial to you seven."

"Do you mind if we took it?" asked Lucca.

"No, of course not. You did, after all, destroy him."

"And, uh, who are the best builders of this era?"

"Myself, and two others."

"Do you mind if we borrowed you as well?"

"What for?" asked the director.

"Have you ever learned about the Black Omen?"

"Yes, of course. It is part of the legend about you."

"And what about the Black Bird?"

"That to, it was of Zeal, I believe."

"How would you like to build one?" Robo asked.


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