Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 10

By Jupiterstar

For days, Leene hung on the verge of death. Once in a while she would hear talking, but she was too weak to figure out what it meant. She didn't feel anything. Not her mother's soft hands on her ashen face, not the shot of antibiotics the doctor injected into her arm, not even her doll Ginny placed by her side.

Finally, she was able to open her eyes. It took a lot of work and a lot of brainpower, but she was very proud. Her mother's smile had been falling on her as Leene looked at her mother's wan expression.

"Leene! You're awake!" her mother called. Leene heard footsteps banging and clanking on the steps as her father and siblings rushed up to see the event.

"She is awake!" Cyrus exclaimed. He hugged her gently, not wanting to make her swoon again. Leene returned her brother's warm embrace happily. It seemed she really would get better.

While Leene was recovering, the doctor made periodic stops at her bedside to make sure the recovery was going well. He mentioned that he hadn't thought she would ever be able to walk again. It had been one of the most severe cases of pneumonia he had ever seen.

Leene eventually got out of bed and began to go back to her normal life. But after that she got tired very easily. Cyrus and Ginny were angels, always helping her and making sure she felt alright. Leene guessed they had been so scared they might lose their little sister that now they had to make sure she was fine.

Leene loved every moment of it.

* * *

Two years later…

Leene was walking home from school. She was really looking forward to seeing Ginny and Cyrus again, because it had been a really long day. School never really thrilled her, but she tried to please her teacher and parents.

She pushed open her front door and stepped inside the house. No one was home yet, so she threw her book bag down on the floor and sat down heavily in a chair.

Leene heard the back door slam and voices emerge in the house. Her sister came in the kitchen with a guy Leene had never seen before. Ginny was giggling and smiling, but stopped when she saw Leene.

"Oh! I didn't know anybody was home!" she said nervously. She stepped back outside with the boy and Leene couldn't hear the conversation anymore.

Surprise was ringing in Leene's head. She had always naturally thought Ginny would never get a boyfriend and that Leene would always be Ginny's first priority. The irony made her mad.

She went upstairs and flopped onto her bed. Ginny had never brought home a boyfriend before and even though it hurt seeing the truth, Leene found it all very exciting.

Downstairs she heard the door shut and the sound of humming. Ginny must have said good-bye to her guy already.

"Leene?" Ginny yelled from below. Leene got off of her bed and parked herself at the top of the stairs. Ginny's eyes were shining and her face was glowing.

"Did you see him? Isn't her adorable?" Ginny asked, breathless. Leene pretended to think about it a little bit.

"Well," she said, "he had a nice smile, I guess. And…" Ginny shrieked and started running up the stairs. Leene darted back into her room and jumped onto her bed, curling herself into a ball to protect her sides. She knew what was coming.

Ginny threw herself in the door and began tickling Leene furiously. Leene laughed so hard tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"Say it!" Ginny ordered. "Say he's handsome!" Leene struggled to talk between giggles.

"Okay! He's handsome!" Leene finally yelled in defeat. Ginny stood up triumphantly. She smoothed out her school uniform and patted her golden hair. Leene got the last few giggles out of her system before she sat up with a sigh.

"I can't wait to tell mom and dad about him at dinner," Ginny said. Leene got a rather sly look on her face and walked slowly towards the door.

"Of course I didn't really mean that he was handsome…" Ginny chased her down the stairs.


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