Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 11

By Jupiterstar

Ginny and Leene sat down at the dinner table. Cyrus was already munching on the chicken he was piling on his plate. Leene helped herself to some casserole.

Ginny curled and uncurled, flexed and unflexed her fingers. Leene’s mother took notice and politely set her fork down.

Ginny exploded. "Mom I met this guy and he’s really handsome and really handsome and he’s the captain of the castle guards."

It clicked. Leene knew she had seen him from somewhere, but she hadn’t been able to put her finger on it at the time.

Both of Leene’s parents stopped chewing. "A captain? Of the castle guards?" Leene’s father said, sounding shocked.

Ginny looked a little edgy. "Yes, he’s the captain of the guards and he’s very loyal." She put on her best hurt look.

Leene’s mother cleared her throat. "Honestly honey, a knight? And worse, a knight captain?"

Ginny’s jaw dropped wide open. "What, may I ask, is wrong with a knight captain?" Leene’s mother put down the spoon she had been holding and sighed, a sigh very light and not meant for anyone to hear.

"They aren’t dependable. You never know when they may run away to fight. I don’t want your heart broken. Plus, they fight. He might hurt you."

Ginny jumped up from the table. "No! That’s not true! You can’t say that!" She ran up the stairs and slammed the door with such force that the table shook and wobbled.

"But Cyrus is a knight," Leene said. Her mother looked at Cyrus and glared at him. Cyrus glowered at Leene, who muttered a small "oops".

Leene looked at her parents, then at her hands, then at Ginny’s closed door. She pushed herself away from the table and ran up to Ginny’s bedroom.

Instead of going in, she leaned against the door. Anguished sobs could be heard from inside. Leene slumped with her back against the door. When did her life get so hard?


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