Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 12

By Jupiterstar

One year later…

Leene walked slowly down the dusty path from the schoolhouse. She liked to take the long way home so she had time to think about whatever she liked. Plus, it gave her a chance to go by the castle and see the knights in training.

Cyrus was there, much to their parents protest. He was quickly moving up in rank. There was also another boy, one Leene had a crush on. He was of medium height and had brown hair. He wasn’t training, but he was there everyday watching the knights’ work.

Leene reached the spot where she stood every day to watch the castle. She spotted Cyrus right away. He was sparring with another trainee. Leene also found the boy she liked, sitting on a bench watching the sparrers.

Leene watched the boy for a couple of minutes. Then, he turned and looked right at her. Leene gasped and quickly ran off down the path. She was so embarrassed.

"Hey, wait!" she heard the boy yell. He was behind her. Leene stopped and caught her breath with her cheeks bright red.

"What are you here for?" the boy asked pleasantly. Leene turned around to face him. He had piercing blue eyes that seemed to penetrate every cell in her body. She found that her voice was caught in her throat.

"My…brother," Leene finally got out. The boy laughed.

"Which one is your brother?" Leene felt her face burn.

"Cyrus," was her answer. The boy nodded politely.

"He’s very good. He’ll be up in rank any day now. Oh, my name is Grant."

Leene did a little curtsey.

"I’m Leene. How come you aren’t training? Oh I’m sorry, that was none of my business."

Grant laughed. "I’m not interested in being a knight. But my father wants me to know what they do so I have to watch. I’ve seen you a couple of times before. Do you come often?"

Leene blushed dark crimson. "I stop by on my way home from school. I…didn’t know anyone saw me."

Grant held out his hand. "Well, I’d better get back and you’d better get home. I look forward to seeing you again."

Leene gave him her hand and he kissed it politely before walking away.

Leene stood in shock. The boy she liked talked to her! And he seemed to enjoy the conversation. She skipped the whole rest of the way home.


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