Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 15

By Jupiterstar

One year later…

The doorbell rang. Leene looked one last time at the mirror to make sure her hair looked all right, then hurried down the stairs to open the door. She felt butterflies of excitement in her stomach. It was her first date with Grant.

She opened the door and nervously let him in.

"Hey, stay there okay? I’ll go tell my parents I’m leaving," Leene instructed him. He looks great! She thought to herself. Grant smiled at her and she went upstairs.

"Mom?" Leene called. "I’m leaving with Grant! I’ll be back before eleven!" Her mother waved good-bye and Leene bounced back down the stairs. Grant held out his arm to her.

"Here we go my lady," he said. Leene smiled and slipped her arm through his. They walked out the front door and out into the wintery streets. Leene pulled her coat closer and looked around at the frost covered trees.

The first snow had fallen the night before, covering everything with a light white coating. The trees had tiny icicles frozen on their bare branches, making the scene beautiful.

Grant took her to a bridge not far from the castle where they were serving food. He and Leene carried their crab dinners over to a small table near the edge where there was a perfect view of the frozen river.

"It’s beautiful," Leene commented. They sat down and ate the delicious meals fairly quickly. Leene wiped her mouth and sat back to take in the scene. What better a place could there be for a first date with the guy she was crazy about?

"So," Grant said as he moved his chair next to Leene’s. They both looked up expectantly at the sky as the fireworks lit up the darkness. The crowd oohed and aahed at the marvelous display of colors. The tops of the snow-covered trees were illuminated by the bursts of light.

Leene was aware of Grant’s arm over her shoulder. She snuggled closer and inhaled his cologne. It was too good to be true. The fireworks died down and the couples got up to leave.

Grant and Leene walked slowly home, savoring the evening as much as they could. When they finally arrived at Leene’s house, Grant kissed her before quickly leaving. Leene stood motionless and watched him run down the dimly lit streets. Her hand raised to her lips and she smiled. Then she turned and went into the house for a good night’s sleep.


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