Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 17

By Jupiterstar

Leene walked in the kitchen humming softly to herself. Grant had left her in high spirits, but had left quite mysteriously saying he had somewhere he had to be.

She stopped for a second and listened. She couldn’t hear anything at all.

"Mom?" she called into the house. There was no reply.

"Dad?" she tried again. Still no answer. Worried, Leene walked quickly into the living room to find all the lights off and the room pitch black. She flipped them on.

"SURPRISE!" came the shout as all her friends and family jumped out from behind plants and furniture. There were bright streamers and big balloons tied to the ceiling. Leene’s heart skipped a beat.

Grant was there along with her mother, father, and Cyrus. Glenn was there too, with his parents. They all held colorful packages with big bows.

"Happy sixteenth birthday, sweetie," her mother said with tears of joy running down her face. Leene hugged her and her father and they handed her the gifts.

"Happy birthday Leene!" Glenn crowed as he gave her a friendly hug. Cyrus embraced her warmly and gave her a box.

"For the sixteen-year-old of the family," he said grinning. She then went over to Grant.

"So this is where you had to be!" she said to him. He nodded, but Leene noticed he wasn’t holding a present.

"Come on honey!" her mother shouted. "Come and see the great big cake we made!" Leene happily ran into the kitchen to see the biggest cake she had ever seen on the table.

"Oh mother it’s wonderful! I love you all!" she said with weepy eyes.

* * *

Leene stared at the boxes and wrapping paper all around her. All the gifts had been opened to find nearly everything she could have wished for in a lifetime.

Grant approached her and had his hand in his pocket. Leene looked up at him with her eyes shining brightly. So he did have a gift after all!

"For you," he commented as he held out a velvet box with a bow around it. Puzzled, Leene opened it. She gasped in delight when she saw what it was. It was a real diamond ring.

"Will you marry me?" Grant asked. Leene threw herself into his arms and sobbed.

"Yes! Yes, I will!"


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