Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 19

By Jupiterstar

Three months later…

Leene paced back and forth in her dressing room. Her mother stood off making sure her dress looked all right.

"Honey, stop that. You’ll ruin the dress," her mother fretted. Leene didn’t stop. She wrung her hands and took deep breaths.

"Mother! Is everything ready?" she almost screamed the question. Her mother smiled and took out the long veil from its place on the chair. She held it above her daughter’s head and gently set it down. Then she adjusted her hair and stepped back to take a look.

Tears sprang into her eyes. "Oh Leene. My little girl. You really have grown up."" Leene hugged her mother.

"Oh Mom," she said as she choked up. Her mother quickly pulled away and brushed the tears away with the back of her hand.

"Now we mustn’t cry or we’ll look horrible up there in the aisle." Leene nodded mutely and turned to look at herself in the mirror. Her golden hair was wrapped up on top of her head and held in with pearl bobby pins. The dress fell elegantly over her slim frame. The veil covered her face but her mother reached and lifted it up.

Leene stared at her reflection. Had it really been so long ago that she saw a young girl’s face looking back at her? It seemed like yesterday when she and Ginny were catching butterflies in the grass. Her high cheekbones and berry stained lips made her look much older than she felt.

Her mother gently guided her away from the mirror and up to the door where the audience was patiently waiting and left her daughter. Someone handed Leene a bouquet. Her mother took Cyrus’ arm and started down the aisle.

"Are you ready?" her father asked from behind. Leene nodded, not really sure if she was telling the truth. The flowers felt sweaty in her hands and her stomach was doing flip-flops.

The bridesmaids were leaving now. Leene took a few deep breaths to calm herself. Her father took her arm in his and led her up to the door. The little flower girl and ring man started walking. Leene and her father were next.

The music started. Leene walked slowly down the rows of people. Thousands had showed up to witness the marriage of the prince of Guardia. Leene’s breath caught in her throat. Was she ready for this? She would be queen someday.

She was at the aisle much sooner than she thought. Her father left to go sit with her mother. Leene turned around. Cyrus, her mother and father in the first row. Grant beside her. The King and Queen sitting in thrones up above in the loft. Leene’s heart ached and she wished Ginny were here.

Suddenly, a face in the back caught her attention. The person was half in the shadows, but Leene recognized the strawberry blonde hair and vivid green eyes. She smiled and realized she was in peace.

She turned to face the priest. Grant took her arm and smiled at her. Leene smiled back and they turned their backs to the guests and awaited the priest to begin.


Author's Note

Here ends Destiny Awaits part one. Part two is the exact same story, but I divided them for two reasons. One, the end to chapter 19 was a really great place to end the story it I had wanted, and two, it makes it much easier to categorize the chapters. The next part will start with chapter 20 to make sure no one gets confused and thinks it is a differnet story. The story is a little under half done, but more ideas could pop into my head at any time and make it longer. Have fun reading the rest of Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story!

~Author Jupiterstar


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