Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 20

By Jupiterstar

Sunlight streamed in the translucent curtains hanging in the castle windows. Birds chirped merrily on their way to find twigs for nests and Leene sighed contentedly before rolling over on her other side.

She groggily opened her eyes to see Grant’s side of the bed empty. She pushed up the covers and sat up, yawning. Her silk nightgown was warm against her skin.

"Grant?" she called. There was no answer from his usual place in the bathroom. She frowned and stood up. His slippers were in place under the bed, which meant he was already dressed. What could possibly make him get up this early on a Sunday morning?

Leene walked quickly to the door. Maybe she was just being paranoid. Of course nothing was wrong. If he feels like getting up early, let him get up early. Still, a pit of dread swelled in her stomach and she left their room high in the castle tower.

There were voices down the stairs. Leene paused at the top of the curved stairwell to see if she could make out what they were saying.

"Sick…very weak…yes, he’s there…" one of the voices said. It sounded suspiciously like Burnam the chancellor. Leene strained to hear the next voice.

"Everything working…planned so well…I…genius…" Burnam said.

"If he dies…what…happen to you?" the other person asked. Leene’s breath caught in her throat with a sharp intake of air. Both people down below her started.

"What was that?" the unknown man gasped. Leene held her breath, praying they wouldn’t hear her. It seemed as if they would be able to make out the very beat of her fastly pumping heart.

"It’s nothing," Burnam said finally. "We…can’t get…planning…us jumpy." The voices faded out as they walked away to another destination. Leene let out the breath she had been holding and slumped down against the wall. She had just heard something very important and possible life threatening. She had better go tell the king.


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