Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 21

By Jupiterstar

Leene rushed to the king’s bedroom…and stopped dead at the door. The queen, Grant, and many other members of the king’s court- including her brother Cyrus, were gathered around the king’s bed. She slowly stepped into the darkened room and went up to Grant.

"Hey," she whispered. "What’s happened?" Grant was looking down at his feet with the most serious expression Leene had ever seen him wear since they were married five months ago.

"He’s dying," the words slipped out in one great gasp as a tear ran down Grant’s cheek. The queen had wordlessly grabbed a hold of the king’s hand as he battled for his life.

Leene fought back tears and slipped her arm through Grant’s. Was the king really going to leave so soon? The king raised his arm weakly, beckoning for Leene to come closer. She slid up and gently knelt on the plush carpet beside the huge bed.

"Leene, I have barely begun to know you, but you must- ugh" his words were cut short by a sudden strike of pain. He continued, his voice rasping. "Must continue the family. You must be queen and rule…the…kingdom…"

His voice broke then. The queen gasped and silently sobbed. Grant went to the other side of the bed to console his mother while Leene sat getting her bearings. Why had the King spoken to her last and not his wife or his son?

She looked over at him to find his eyes still open as he fought. He glanced at her and Leene saw wisdom and perhaps? Even a foreseeing of the future to come. She smiled a final goodbye and nodded her head as tears fell freely down her cheeks. He nodded back to her and his eyelids closed for the very last time. One breath, and life was over.

Leene stood up shakily. His words brought comfort, but she hoped she would never be in such a dire need to really have to use them. The queen fell into her son’s sturdy arms and continued crying. Grant was silently holding his mother with water ripplets down his face.

Leene stood looking at the body of the beloved king for quite some time before people came to collect it. Now there would be a funeral, and then a coronation to welcome the new king and prepare for a new age in Guardia history, a blank chapter in the future.


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