Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 22

By Jupiterstar

Rain splattered down on Leene’s black veil she wore to mask the sadness on her face. The overcast sky loomed down upon them, making a sheer waterfall of raindrops.

The king’s casket was slowly being lowered into the ground. Grant held her arm tightly and she didn’t move to push him away. This was a very hard time for him, as for everyone.

"And bless this man and always keep him in your heavenly power ‘til the sky falls…amen," the minister finished. Leene couldn’t remember much of the funeral, only the fact that it had lasted all day and into the evening. Her head was mush and all she could hear were the king’s last words ringing through her head.

"You must rule… the…kingdom," he had said. Leene bowed her head in remembrance as the last handful of dirt was thrown on the burial site. Rule the kingdom? If only he had told her more! She didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.

"Honey?" Grant asked. Leene snapped out of her private dream to look into the sad eyes of her husband.

"Are you ready to go? Everything here is done," he said. Leene took his hand and let him lead her towards their room, where they wordlessly changed and climbed in bed.

When the light was out Leene’s eyes were open. She couldn’t sleep with so many questions ringing through her head. She tried to answer as many as she could and fell asleep doing so.

* * *

The morning came early and Leene and Grant were out of bed at the sunrise. The coronation began at dawn. Leene wore her very fanciest gown made of silk and embedded with thousands of tiny jewels. It made her feel stiff and ackward, but this was the biggest day of Grant’s life and she respected that.

Grant wore a military style outfit with medals hanging from his shoulders. Later, Leene noted, she would have to ask him where he got all of them. He held his head high and proud and Leene knew he was making his father proud.

The ceremony started with Grant and Leene walking down the center aisle to the middle of the crowning room, a large room off to one side of the main entrance area. Leene felt all eyes on her, as the queen had told her she looked stunning. She self-conciously looked down at her feet. They were wearing diamond-covered pumps and that didn’t make Leene feel any better. She gulped and looked back up.

When they reached the top, the chancellor recited some words saying how Grant would be the new king. Leene didn’t bother listening to the words, she was focused on how happy the chancellor looked as he swore in her husband. Something in the back of her mind told her to make of note of it.

The old queen beamed as she placed the jeweled crown atop Grant’s head. Grant turned toward Leene. Not really knowing what was going to happen, Leene looked at the queen uneasily. The queen just smiled down upon her and placed another jewel-covered crown on her head. It was more slender and smaller too.

Both Leene and Grant spun around the face the crowd as a wild cheer went up through the mob. They both glowed and smiled their hearts out. Grant looked at Leene and took her hand and they squeezed each other’s fingers as the audience shouted their congratulations to the new king and queen of Guardia.


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