Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 23

By Jupiterstar

Two months later…

Leene sat uncomfortably in her thrown. Cyrus and Glenn stood before her, waiting her command to leave. They were going to fight some overgrown toad to get the Hero’s Medal and nothing Leene said could convince them otherwise.

Cyrus bowed before her. Leene kicked him lightly in the arm.

"Quit it Cyrus," she said sternly. "I get enough from the people around here."

Cyrus laughed and got up. Then he took her hand and mockingly kissed it.

"Yes, your Highness." Then more seriously. "I’ll really miss you sis. Take care."

Leene nodded as a lump rose in her throat. Something about this trip made her feel really uneasy and she almost didn’t want to let Cyrus and Glenn go.

"You too. And you Glenn!" she called. Glenn smiled and saluted her like the captain of the guards. Then off they went through the doors and out to find their destiny.

Leene got up from the thrown and ran to the doorway to watch them leave. She left her eyes on the two figures walking gallantly down the path until they disappeared from sight into the trees. She sighed.

"Good-bye Cyrus. Please come back in one piece."

* * *

That evening, Leene sat in her plush chair and carefully studied the board in front of her. Marieta’s next move could give her an opening to her King, but if Leene wasn’t careful she could forfeit the game in one foul move.

Leene wound her fingers nervously. Marieta delicately set her bishop down next to Leene’s.

"You’re move," she told the anxious young woman across from her. Leene said a little prayer and moved one of her knights forward two spaces and kept her finger on it for a second after ward. Then she sucked in her breath and removed her hand.

In one swift move, Marieta jumped her queen over the small pieces and defiantly set it down just inches away from Leene’s king.

"Check mate!" she shouted with glee. Leene squealed in disbelief.

"You beat me again, I don’t believe it!" She slouched back in her chair and sighed.

"I really need to work on my chess skills," she murmured. Marieta laughed and started cleaning up the pieces. Leene pushed herself back up on one arm and helped her do so.

The door to her room swung open and the messenger strode in with his usual air of swiftness.

"Your Highness, an urgent message is waiting for you downstairs. I suggest you go fast and see what it is."

"Sure I’ll go fast," Leene murmured, annoyed. Would she go slowly? She tiredly pushed herself up off the chair and walked downstairs to the thrown room. There, two castle guards were waiting. Glenn was already in his usual seat.

Leene sat in her thrown and looked at the guards bearing the "urgent" message. They shifted uncomfortably under her gaze.

"Well?" she asked. "What is the message." The taller of the guards stepped forward and cleared his throat.

"Captain Cyrus of the Knights of the Square Table failed to report in like he said he would when he reached his destination. He should have gotten there by noon. When we sent teams to investigate we found his body lying atop a hill near the Magic Cave."

Leene gasped and jumped out of her chair.

"Is he alright? What happened?" she screamed at the guards. Both took a step back and gestured towards the other guard Leene hadn’t even realized was there. The guard came into the light and with him he had what was left of Cyrus’ body.

Leene rushed forward and cradled her brother’s catamose body in her arms. His eyes were closed and there was blood on his armor. Leene didn’t notice how it now covered her arms.

"Your Highness, he’s passed away," one of the messenger guards spoke softly. Leene sobbed in great gasps, but refused to let go of her brother’s body. The tears running swiftly down her face mixed with the blood staining her tunic. She had lost both siblings before she was even 17! This couldn’t be happening to her, not now, not ever.

Grant gently pried her away from Cyrus’ limp figure and helped her up the stairs to their room.


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