Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 24

By Jupiterstar

Three days later…

Leene sat rigidly in her thrown, bowing her head, lost in her own little dream world. She was escaping the truth and in it she faced hardships and traumas. Grant touched her arm with his fingertips and she awoke with a start.

Snapped back into reality, the memories of what really was happening rushed back into view. Cyrus was dead and Glenn was still missing. The kingdom was falling apart under Grant’s hands as he struggled to unite the rebellious citizens.

A lone soldier stepped forward.

"Your Highness, we still have not found Sir Glenn."

Leene felt a tear run down her cheek and she made no move to wipe it away. Let them see her feelings, it didn’t matter anymore. Guardia was no longer the strongest kingdom in the world and nothing she ever did would change it.

Grant rubbed his temples and creaked his neck.

"Stop the search," he commanded the soldier. The soldier bowed and turned to walk away.

"No!" Leene yelled as she jumped up from her seat. Both the soldier and Grant stared at her.

"Honey, there is nothing more to find. His body must have been destroyed."

Leene looked from her husband to the soldier and back again. Her mind was spinning and she felt faint. She had to find Glenn, he was the last person with her brother and he meant so much to her.

She suddenly couldn’t take it anymore. She ran from the castle with tears blowing in the wind and her dress catching on the bushes feeling the familiar feeling of running from the castle.

She began to run home, would her parents have heard the news?, when a figure appeared in the path before her. Leene stopped short and her breath came in short breaths.

"Who’s there? I demand you show yourself," she ordered. The figure walked closer and Leene could make out a hood and robe. She drew herself up to her full height and prepared to meet her stalker.

The person pulled off the hood that covered a face and Leene squinted to see who it was. She could only see strawberry-blonde hair in the setting sunlight. Her breath caught in her throat.

"Ginny?" the name came out in a hoarse whisper and Leene’s knees felt weak. Oh, if it truly was her sister…

"Oh Leene!" Ginny cried and the sisters rushed to meet each other in a warm embrace. Leene let her tears soak her big sister’s brown robe that hid such a gentle creature and cried like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh Ginny, Cyrus…" Leene looked into Ginny’s eyes and knew that Ginny’s heart had told her and that’s what made her come back. Leene backed out of the hug and wiped her eyes to remove the tears.

Ginny smiled sadly.

"Will we never meet in a time not of sorrow?" she asked Leene. Leene nodded hopefully and straightened the wrinkles in her full-length skirt. Ginny glanced behind her and motioned to someone.

"Leene, this is my daughter Tyra." A small girl, no older than Leene had been when they moved, peeked out from behind Ginny’s robe. She waved shyly and ducked behind again.

Leene smiled.

"Hi Tyra, how are you?" she asked her niece. Tyra grinned and shrugged her shoulders. Leene laughed and looked back up at Ginny.

"How old is she?" Ginny patted Tyra on the head.

"Almost four. She was born early in the fall." Leene looked at the rapidly setting sun and sighed.

"I suppose I should go back now," she said, rubbing her satin-clad toe in the dirt and frowning. Ginny turned to leave, then stopped.

"Leene, I love you. I’ll come back sometime." Leene wished her sister would stay, but knew if her parents found out Ginny’s cover would be blown.

Leene whispered at the figures walking from view in the night.



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