Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 25

By Jupiterstar

As Leene walked back into the castle, looking grim and holding her head down, a soldier approached her with excitement. He grabbed her arm and dragged her into the castle, much to her surprise.

"Hey! Get your hands off of me!" she yelled at him while slapping his hands in a desperate attempt to get free. He paid no attention and continued running.

"My Lady, Sir Glenn has come back!" Leene’s face went white and her feet stopped moving, but the soldier dragged her on.

"Glenn? He’s back?" she stammered. Her mind raced for what to say, how to act. This was the last man to see her brother alive and she wanted to know if he died a hero.

Leene and the soldier finally reached the thrown room where Grant still sat. He raced up to them and hugged Leene tightly.

"I didn’t know where you had gone off to," he told her. Leene nodded absently and tried to look around for Glenn’s familiar face, but she couldn’t find him. She bit her lip and frowned, but sat down in her thrown anyway.

"Your Majesties, I present to you, Sir Glenn," a soldier bowed and waved his arms in recognition of a hero. A frog stepped forward.

Leene screamed and Grant pulled out his sword. The soldier ran in front of the frog.

"No no no! This is Sir Glenn! Please do not harm him!" Leene could tell this soldier was not the brightest and breathed deeply to calm her screaming nerves.

"Is that really…Glenn?" Leene asked, almost to the point where she was going to run away in horror.

"It tis I, Sir Glenn," the frog spoke. Grant gasped and recoiled, but Leene saw the frog’s gleam in his eyes and walked towards him. She stared deep into the frog’s face and recognized a little bit of Glenn, that old spunk he carried with him.

"It is Glenn!" Leene cried. She threw her arms around Glenn’s deformed body and sighed with relief. Grant stood up.

"In honor of the hero, we shall plan a feast." Glenn shook his head.

"I’m no hero. I couldn’t even save my best friend." Leene looked at him with curiosity.

"I was too weak to do anything against the magician Magus and because of it Cyrus is now dead. In order to obey his last, dying words, I shall protect the Queen from now on."

Leene fell down to her knees and felt a sob rise in her throat. No, she thought, I have cried enough. My people need me to be strong.

"What were his last words?" Leene whispered, trying to save what was left of her dignity. Glenn looked sad.

"Please, protect Queen Leene…"


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