Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 26

By Jupiterstar

Five years later…

Leene walked down the stone staircase in the early morning and yawned to herself. Her crisp, ironed gown swished as she moved and she rearranged the crown sitting on her head. There were voices down below and Leene was almost ready to call out to one of them, but stopped. It was the Chancellor’s voice and a steward she had never heard before. They seemed to be talking about something rather interesting, so Leene ducked down and listened in, feeling old memories rush back as she did.

The Chancellor was speaking quietly to his assistant.

"Well, now is the time. Is everything in place?" Leene heard the distinct sound of paper being rolled up.

"Yes, but must we wait so long for victory to be ours?" the assistant replied. More rustling. Leene shifted uncomfortably in her squatting position and pushed her falling crown back on her head. She had half a thought to come down in her best regal manner and stop the charade from going any farther, but the information they might provide could have value so she waited it out.

The Chancellor was speaking again.

"Time is of no interest. We cannot arouse suspicions in the castle and we cannot alert the King to our doings. Understand?" Leene sucked in her breath.

"What about that whore of his? She’s always trying to pry in our conversations," the steward asked. Leene gasped in spite of herself. She hadn’t expected them to go and insult her and her husband. She stood up and walked down the rest of the stairs.

"Hello, gentlemen, how are you today?" she asked in her sunniest voice. Both men glared at her and hastily put away the papers they had been holding. She smiled.

"Why Your Majesty, we didn’t realize that you were there…do you need anything?" the Chancellor asked with phony kindness. Leene shook her head and continued to walk down the hall. The Chancellor watched her leave and muttered under his breath.

"We’ll get you…someday.

* * *

As soon as Leene was well out of sight, she started to run. She had to find Grant and she needed to do it fast. The Chancellor was planning something, she was sure of that. What his evil thoughts were though, she had no idea. The one thing was certain: they would be crucial to the royal family’s survival.

Grant and his mother were sitting in the courtyard watching the knights in training, a pastime that Grant had always enjoyed. Leene caught her breath before venturing onto the green.

"Hello, honey, where have you been this morning?" Grant asked with a laugh as he pulled Leene in for a kiss. Leene returned the gesture and gave a polite greeting to the former Queen. The steward the Chancellor had been with earlier came out with lemonade for the King and his family.

It all became clear to Leene as he handed out the glasses with great precision. The former Queen…he was handing her a cup now. Was that was he and the Chancellor were---?

"No!" Leene screamed as she ran forward and slammed the glass out of Grant’s mother’s hands. The steward swore and struggled to regain his balance, but to no avail. He tripped and with him came all the remaining lemonade glasses. Grant’s mother shrieked with fright.

"Leene! What was the meaning of that?!" Grant asked her angrily while trying to console his mother. Leene pointed to where the glass had landed after she pushed it into the air.

"There…the drink was poisoned." Grant immediately went over to where the spilled liquid was and sniffed it. He stood up quickly.

"Why I believe you are right. This is rat poison and it would have killed my mother. Who is behind this?" he looked darkly at the steward who bowed slightly.

"My Liege, I know nothing. I merely gave out the lemonade." Grant frowned.

"You’re dismissed. I don’t want to see you ever again." The steward’s shocked look gave Leene a little hope. So she had foiled someone’s plan, but could it really be the Chancellor’s doing? She glanced over at the door and was surprised to see the Chancellor standing there.

He glared at her and drew his finger over his neck. Leene gasped and quickly turned away. She looked back and he grinned evilly, then walked out of the doorway and left Leene alone with her thoughts.


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