Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 27

By Jupiterstar

Approximately three weeks later…

In a dark alleyway, somewhere near Guardia Castle, a ragtag group of Mystics awaited orders from their captain. The second-in-command, a dark green imp named Trydon, shifted uncomfortably.

"Why in Hell do we have to wait for his orders? If I were leading this group, we’d have had victory long ago. None of this, hiding in street corners, not for us!"

A Hench respectfully called Tank nodded while sharpening the blade on his knife.

"Aye, you’re right. We’re sittin’ ducks out here ain’t we?" A Naga-ette shushed them and put her finger on her mouth for silence.

"Shh! Someone comes!" The army listened for a moment.

"Oh Arleia, you’re hearing things. Ain’t nothing out there ‘cept-"

"Except me," their captain said as he strode through the entryway. The troops snapped to attention. The captain cleared his throat before speaking.

"My orders are to commence on to Guardia. Now!"

"Sir yes Sir!" the Mystics all cried with shouts of glee as they jumped up and began running off toward Guardia Castle, looming in the distance in the darkness of night.

* * *

In their exquisite canopy bed, located in a room of the rightmost tower, the King and Queen slept peacefully. After the tried attempt on the former Queens life, Grant hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in quite some time.

Leene awoke to hear rustling outside the balcony. She propped herself up on one elbow and yawned as she rubbed sleep out of her eye. When she heard nothing more, she plopped back down.

An arrow shot in through the window and hit the bedpost three inches from Leene’s head. Her eyes snapped open and she screamed in surprise and terror.

"My God Leene, whatever is the matter?" Grant asked as he was rudely awakened. Leene shrieked again as another arrow hit the bed.

"We’re under attack!" Grant cried as he grabbed his wife’s arm and hurried her across the room. Arrows followed them while they made their way to the bedroom door.

"Watch out!" Grant cried. He yanked Leene behind him and shielded her as an arrow struck the place she had been just moments before. Leene closed her eyes and hung on to her husband as he struggled to open the lock in the darkness. An arrow hit him in the arm and he yelled in pain.

"Grant!" Leene shouted. She jammed the door open and she and Grant began running down the many flights of stone stairs. He led they way, holding her hand tightly and she almost tripped on the hem of her white nightgown.

Halfway to the throne room, two Mystics blocked their way. Grant slipped trying to stop in time and fell down the stairs to the Mystic’s right. They paid him no mind and advanced on Leene, grinning evilly.

Leene screamed as one tried to stab her. She ducked to one side, but not quickly enough. The spearhead pierced her forearm and cut a jagged wound in her flesh.

She grabbed her arm in pain and slid to her knees, but not before she noticed one of the Mystic’s daggers lying on the ground by his feet.

She picked it up as fast as she could and thrust it with all of her might into the chest of the Mystic who spreared her. He uttered a gurgled cry and fell upon his comrade, who happened to be smaller, and ended up pinning him to the ground.

Leene examined her arm while grant ran back up the steps to get her. He had a large cut on his forehead from falling down the stairs.

"Come on!" Grant shouted as he grabbed her wrist and nearly dragged her down the stairs.


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