Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 28

By Jupiterstar

In the confusion, the Chancellor edged toward the former Queen’s bedchamber. If his steward couldn’t dispose of her, he decided he would have to take matters into his own hands. He couldn’t have anything ruin his plan.

The Chancellor eyed a fallen soldier lying on the marble floor. Beside him lay his sword. The Chancellor picked up the sword and marveled at its almost perfect blade.

He swung open the door to the former Queen’s room. She shrieked when she saw the sword he was holding and tried to climb over the bed for safety.

The Chancellor grabbed her ankle in desperation and pinned her to her own bed. He shoved the sword next to her throat and glared into her terrified eyes.

"You…I won’t let you ruin everything I’ve worked so hard for. Now, prepare to die!"

The ex-queen screamed as the Chancellor slash over and over at her check until he was sure she was dead. Then he dropped the sword on the ground and got some of the Queen’s blood on his robe with his hands. He chuckled and grinned.


* * *

Grant and Leene stumbled down the stairs and into the throne room, which was waging chaos. Soldiers fought Mystics and pitted metal against magic. A large red drape to their right caught fire and nearly fell on them.

"We’ve got to find my mother!" Grant yelled through the noise. Leene nodded and glanced down at her injured arm. Blood had entirely soaked the sleeve of her nightgown, but Leene hardly even felt it anymore.

A Mystic cast a bolt of lightning in her direction. She cried out and ducked behind Grant’s throne. Her pearled hand mirror lay on the ground next to her leg.

"So that’s where it went," she whispered. She took it and stood up. The Mystic shot a well-aimed fireball at her. She held the mirror in front of her face and turned her head away.

"Please let this work…" the fireball was reflected back at the Mystic, although the mirror didn’t catch it all and Leene’s hands got singed. She could hear his dying scream as she dropped the mirror and ran to find Grant.

"Grant!" she called out. More and more of the castle was burning and there wasn’t much time before the whole castle was in flames. A soldier hit the wall next to her and slid down to the floor, leaving a trail of blood. Leene said a quick prayer and moved on.

She finally found her husband struggling to move a large piece of wood that had fallen in front of his mother’s room. Leene helped him raise the wood and open the door.

"Mother!" Grant yelled as he stepped inside. The smoke was choking Leene and burning her throat. She found it difficult to breathe.

"God no! Mother!" Grant screamed when he saw his mother’s corpse. Her blood had stained the white bedspread and puddled on the floor. One of her hands dangled lifelessly over the side of the bed.

"There’s nothing we can do!" Leene shouted as she pulled Grant back from the door. She wheezed in the toxic air and nearly collapsed. Grant took one last look at his mother’s body being consumed by rapidly spreading flames and allowed his wife to lead him out of the castle.

Leene and Grant joined the soldiers, chefs, attendants, and a very ragged looking Chancellor before turning around to watch Guardia Castle as a raging inferno and the flames lighting up the sky for miles.


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