Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 29

By Jupiterstar

With the castle out of the way, the Mystics advanced o the town nearby. Feeling no mercy in their hearts, they pillaged what they could and burned what they couldn’t.

Leene and Grant both turned towards the frightened cries as and attendant wrapped a blanket around Leene’s shoulders.

Grant immediately ordered the remaining troops to go in and fight, then went to an area where his arrow wound could be bandaged.

Leene watched the knights run into battle with growing rage in her heart. First they destroy the castle, next attack innocent villagers?

"No!" Leene cried as she dropped the blanket from around her body. Her attendant ran to her as Leene started toward the burning village.

"Majesty, your health!" the young girl shouted as she picked up the fallen blanket and raced toward the Queen.

"To Hell with my health, I’ve got to save my people!" Leene shouted as she began to run. Her nightgown ripped under her feet and she swore as more pain hit her injured arm.

The village was in chaos. Unsuspecting inhabitants struggled for their lives in a fight they couldn’t win. Leene shouted and waved her arms.

"Get to a safe spot! Gather your families!" some villagers heard her and ran to join the castle occupants near the woods.

A young girl stood amidst debris sobbing and clutching a ragged stuffed rabbit. Leene picked her up and took her back to the place everyone was taking refuge.

The little girl’s mother ran to her and cried.

"Ana my baby! You’re safe!" she hugged the little girl and Leene started back to the village.

"Wait!" the woman shouted as she grabbed Leene’s good arm. Leene turned around and carefully studied the woman.

"Take this," she said, handing Leene a beautiful pendant on a golden, beaded chain. Leene sputtered.

"I…I can’t accept this! This must mean so much to you, I can’t-"

The woman smiled and hugged her daughter close.

"You brought back our most treasured possession. That is merely jewelry."

Leene looked back at the pendant in her hands. It glowed faintly, but whatever power it once had was long gone by now. Leene watched as the Mystic general was forced to surrender to the captain of the Knights of the Square Table. Tears brimmed in her eyes.

I wish Cyrus were here, she thought bitterly. She held the pendant close to her breast and fell to her knees.

Truce, she told herself. This village shall be called Truce. The soldiers all cheered as the captain raised the Mystic’s leader’s spear high.


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