Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 3

By Jupiterstar

Two years later…

"Leene! Get up!" Leene sleepily opened her eyes. Ginny's bed was already made and the sun was shining brightly through the billowing curtains. Leene wondered how much of the morning she had slept through.

As she slipped out of bed her bare feet were cold against the wooden floor and she hopped to the stairs quickly. She could hear voices down in the kitchen, presumably her family.

A quick look confirmed her guess. Cyrus was stuffing his face with English muffin while Ginny ate hers ladylike. Both Leene's parents drank coffee. Leene sat down in the open chair and took a muffin off the plate in the center of the table.

"The sleepyhead is up," Leene's mother commented. Leene took a bite of her breakfast. It was wonderful. Her mother sure could cook.

"At least I won't be grumpy," Leene retorted, glancing at Cyrus. Her brother had a nasty reputation of being the worst morning person in the world. Cyrus scowled at Leene.

"At least I didn't stay up late last night," Cyrus said dryly. Ginny frowned.

"Oh cut it you two. Honestly," she said. Cyrus raised his eyebrow at Leene and Leene grinned. On cue, both threw their crumbs at Ginny. She shrieked in surprise and raised her hands to defend herself, hitting her glass in the process. It wobbled, but didn't spill.

"All right," Leene's father said sternly. The children all glared at each other, but luckily they stopped throwing food.

After breakfast, Cyrus invited Leene to go exploring with Cyrus's friend Glenn. Leene stated it looked stormy and that they might have a snowstorm, but Cyrus waved her off. Leene went with him. After all, she didn't want to look like a chicken in front of her brother and his friend.

Cyrus, Glenn, and Leene went to the forest on the far side of town. The entrance was filled with prickly bushes and thorns and they got caught on Leene's tunic as she walked. She tried to brush them off, but they pricked her hand. One thorn got pushed down hard in her palm and Leene bit back tears. She didn't want to be a crybaby.

The three children explored the woods until snowflakes began to fall. Leene delighted in catching them on her tongue, but after a while she got worried.

"Shouldn't we go back?" she asked Cyrus. Cyrus stopped and looked around. There was a cave on the far right side. Cyrus pointed to it.

"You tow stay there. I'll go try and find the way out," he told her. Leene grabbed her brother's hand.

"What if you get lost?" Cyrus hugged her reassuringly and drew out a handful of red handkerchiefs.

"I'll tie these to the trees so I know my way back," he said. Leene reluctantly went over to the cave and sat down. It was small and not very deep, but it had just enough room for two small people.

Glenn came in after her and Cyrus disappeared into the woods. Leene hugged her knees to her chest and hoped he got back soon.


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