Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 4

By Jupiterstar

"How old are you?" Glenn asked. Leene looked at him. He had brown hair that hung in his face and bright hazel eyes that flashed when he smiled.

"Seven," Leene replied. Glenn grinned happily and puffed out his chest.

"I'm eight so I'd better watch out for you when Cyrus is gone," he said. Leene frowned. She didn't really like being in a cave with a boy a year older than her because it was true he should protect her and she wanted to take care of herself.

Leene had a sudden image of Cyrus being chased off by a big bear and started to cry. What if he did get lost and no one ever found her and Glenn?

Glenn took notice of her tears and held her hand. Leene tried talking between sobs.

"What if…hic…no…one ever….hic,hic…finds…us, hic?" she wailed. Glenn looked worried. He stared out the cave entrance at the white snow tumbling down and gulped.

"Um, of course someone will find us," he tried to reassure her, but he didn't believe the words himself. There were wild animals in the woods and it was snowing. Their options didn't look good.

"I want Cyrus! And Ginny! And my mommy and daddy!" Leene cried, starting fresh new tears to come spilling out of her eyes. Glenn opened his mouth to comment when they heard a snap outside.

Both children froze. They listened. Snap! Another twig broke. Leene began to scream and she was so frightened that her hands shoke. Glenn took one look at Leene's face, twisted in absolute horror, and began to wail himself.

Glenn closed his eyes and gabbed Leene's hand, more to comfort himself than her, but it worked both ways. Leene stopped her racket and Glenn's breathing slowed.

No more sounds were heard. Leene peeked her head out the cave entrance, suddenly brave. There didn't seem to be any danger and the snow had stopped. Leene decided she didn't want to spend one more minute in that cave.

The snow had fallen quickly, there was a few inches on the ground. Leene felt the cold sting her bare ankles. Glenn trecked forward as both children gained confidence.

Suddenly, out of the bush nearby sprang a little green monster. It started kicking pebbles at Glenn and Leene, who shielded their faces with frozen hands. More imps joined until there was a wall blocking the path Glenn and Leene had been follwing.


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