Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 5

By Jupiterstar

Leene fell to the ground in sheer terror. Her breath came out in great gasps as shuddering sobs flew through her body. Her ankles were numb and her hands were bright red, but she didn't notice. Her only thought was I'm going to die!

Glenn stood rooted to the spot. He watched Leene crumple to the ground and tried to do the same. For some strange reason his legs wouldn't obey. Instead he picked up a broken branch, long dead and completely hollow, and began to swing it at the monsters.

A few of the beasts were driven off by the sudden motion, but not the leader. Unimpressed by Glenn's bravery, he kicked Glenn sharply in the shin. Glenn howled and clutched his knee in pain.

With Glenn out of the fight, the monster threw a pebble at a still sobbing Leene. The stone hit her in the eye. She shrieked in surprise, pain, and rage and threw a piece of bark at the beast before collapsing on the white carpet.

The beast decided it didn't really want to go through this and left to find easier prey. Leene watched him run off in the distance into the maze of trees. As he did, other figures appeared, moving towards her.

With bits of snowflakes pasted on her eyelashes and blue lips, Leene passed out into a whirling wave of darkness.

* * *

She was falling, falling! There was a misty white fog surrounding her and suddenly she was back in the forest with Glenn. They were just exiting the cave and walking through the moonlit snow.

Moonlit? But it was daytime when it happened. Not realizing the danger, Leene skipped along behind the older boy, imaging herself at home, warm by the fire.

Then came the part where the monster jumped out! But instead of a little green being there was a huge blue icebeast. It swallowed Glenn with one gulp and then charged at Leene.

She screamed… and woke up. Faces surrounded her, talked to her. She moved her hands and felt the softness of the thread stitching. Her special quilt.

"Leene," a voice murmured. Leene focused her weary eyes on the person standing directly above her. A woman with blond hair and drawn, worried skin. Her mother.

"You're home," Leene's mother said. Using the last of her energy to nod faintly, Leene closed her eyes and slept, a deep, dreamless sleep.


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