Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 6

By Jupiterstar

Leene opened her eyes. She was in her old room! She squinted and her spirits sank. It was the new house and she was tucked away in her bed. She rolled over and sighed. She never wanted to get out…

"She's awake!" someone screamed. Leene sat up and looked around. Ginny was by the door jumping like a lunatic.

"Geez, Ginny, calm down." Leene demanded, putting on her crossest face, which Ginny took no apparent notice of. Leene heard footsteps coming quickly up the stairs and soon her mother, father and brother were all there beside her bed.

"Leene, are you okay?" her mother asked. Leene nodded and went to rub her eyes to prove her point when she hit some very sore skin. She withdrew her hands.

"You suffered from frostbite, a black eye, and some bruises," Leene's father commented. "You were lucky."

"What about Glenn?" Leene asked worriedly. Cyrus patted his little sister's shoulder.

"Glenn's okay. His shin is bruised up pretty bad, but other than that he is all right." Leene wanted very badly to get out of bed. Her mother pulled back the covers to allow airflow but didn't budge from her position.

"You are staying there until you are completely healed. Frostbite doesn't disappear overnight."

Leene protested, but in the end her mother won and Leene was once again alone in her room. She grew restless and began counting visible bruises. She had one on both knees, one on her right elbow, her left shoulder, her left hip and her right calf. That plus her black eye and frostbite made her a pretty pitiful sight.

Leene snuggled back in the covers. Soon she would see winter melt into spring and the sun would come out and melt all the snow. Then she could go out and catch butterflies with Ginny. With that happy thought in her mind, Leene sat back and enjoyed the free time.


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