Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 7

By Jupiterstar

Balloons hung in the dining room and streamers were strung around the ceiling. Leene danced happily around the colorful table. It was her eight birthday.

"Mommy, is it time? Is it time yet?" Leene yelled while bouncing around her mother, who was trying to bring a cake in to the kitchen. Her mother sighed patiently.

"Leene, he should be arriving- DING DONG- right now." Leene tore off down the hall to the door. Glenn was waiting and Leene quickly ushered him in. Her was holding a wrapped present tied up with a large bow.

"C'mon!" Leene motioned for Glenn to follow her into the dining room. While Leene was answering the door, her family had congregated in the kitchen.

First was the food. Leene's mother had made Leene's favorite dish to celebrate the occasion, orgon noodles with sauce, fresh fruit and orange juice. All the anticipation had left Leene famished and she wolfed down two helpings of everything.

Next they opened presents. There were a few gifts from Leene's parents, Glenn's present, and a mystery package from Ginny.

>From her parents Leene got a doll, a floral tunic, and a pretty beaded jewelry box. She immediately named the doll Cassandra, her favorite glamorous name.

Then Glenn handed her his gift. Leene tore through the wrapping paper to find a necklace made out of seashells. Ecstatic, she had her mother fasten it around her neck.

"Here, Leene, open your last present," Ginny suggested, handing her gift to Leene, a plain, unwrapped box. Leene gave her older sister a questioning look, but opened the box anyway.

As she saw what was in the box, her eyes widened. She pulled out the rectangular object for everyone to see.

It was a picture Ginny had painted by herself. On the canvas was an orange butterfly with bright yellow spots on the wings.

"Oh, thank you!" Leene shrieked as she hugged Ginny tightly. Leene's parents almost glowed with pride.

"I always knew you would be an artist," Leene's father said, picking up the painting and examining it carefully.

Leene looked up into her sister's eyes and smiled happily.


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