Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 8

By Jupiterstar

The white snow fell down in huge snowflakes that quickly piled up into tall mountains. Children, delighted in their great luck, slid down the hills on rickety old sleds and promptly fell head over heels at the bottom.

Cyrus, Ginny, and Leene took out their red sled and trudged up the hill. Cyrus was the best driver, he could always manage to get the most speed while not running in to anything major like a tree or another sled.

Leene coughed hard, making little puffs of smoke in the cold winter's air. She didn't tell her brother or sister because she was afraid they would make her go inside and she wanted to enjoy the fun snow day. She coughed again.

The children reached the very top of the hill. Cyrus got on the sled first, then Ginny, then Leene. Leene grabbed the ropes that hung on the sides of the sled. Their mother had insisted that they put some kind of handles on there to keep from falling off.

"Ready?" Cyrus yelled back to his sisters over the roar of the other children. Ginny nodded and Leene coughed. "Let's go!" Cyrus pushed off with all his might and the sled sped down the hill.

Leene closed her eyes tight and imagined she was flying. The wind was at her face and her hair blew behind her snow parka. She loved every minute of it.

After a long hard day of sledding, three very tired kids walked wearily into the house. Cyrus collapsed on the kitchen floor, while Ginny made it to the Living Room. Leene was coughing so hard she had to run up to her room to avoid anyone noticing. Throwing off her parka, she fell on to her bed in spasms. When the coughing finally stopped, she lay there quite awhile. She knew she was sick, but she didn't want to miss anything fun happening. Going outside in the snow was definitly a bad decision she had made.

She stopped thinking and closed her eyes with a tired sigh, hoping for a better tomorrow.


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