Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 9

By Jupiterstar

Leene awoke the next day with a splitting headache. She tried to pull herself out of bed, but found she couldn't move. Her arms felt like they were filled with sand and she had an awful taste in her mouth. Her immediate reaction was to scream and to her lasting relief she found she could still yell.

When her mother heard her voice, she ran upstairs as fast as she could. Leene was lying in the same position she had been since she woke up due to her inability to move.

"Oh Leene, what's wrong?" her mother gasped. Leene struggled to form words out of her parched throat. Her mother let out a small shriek of motherly terror.

"Oh God, what do I do?" she wailed. Leene wanted to tell her mother that her hysteria was not helping any, but couldn't. Leene's father came up the steps with amazing speed, took one look at his daughter, and ran back downstairs.

Leene felt her eyelids growing heavy and willed them to stay open. With a jolt, she realized that she had no control over her eyes at all. They closed with a spark of pain and she drifted off, half-conscious.

* * *

Sometime later Leene could hear two voices talking near her bed. One she could clearly identify as her father, but the other she had never heard before.

"Yes, she hasn't opened her eyes since this morning," her father said in a very heavy voice, filled with pain, fright, and despair. Leene felt the bed rock slightly as people moved about on the floor.

"My diagnosis is pneumonia," the unidentified voice told Leene's father. So, Leene thought, he is a doctor. Am I really that sick? I'm just taking a little nap. I'm so tired…

Leene lost what little consciousness she had left and fell back into the swirling darkness. She wasn't really thinking about doing anything; she was watching herself. She saw colors and shapes flash before her eyes.

The weird sensations stopped and she could hear again. There were sobs coming from someone near her. Although she couldn't tell who it was, her curiosity forced her to try and open her eyes.

Miraculously, she was able to do it. She saw, for a brief moment, Ginny. She was sitting on a chair by Leene's bed and holding Leene's doll in her hands. Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she clenched and unclenched her fingers.

No Ginny, Leene thought, don't cry. Please don't cry. It will all be okay, you'll see. The words died on Leene's tongue and her eyelids fluttered close. No, let me see, she begged. No one answered, not one single soul.


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