Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 31

By Jupiterstar

Leene was lying on a cold stone floor. Her throat was parched, her stomach rumbled, and she had no idea where she was or how long she had been there. She sat up gingerly and checked herself for any damage. She was missing a glove, her dress was torn and muddy, and her golden locks fell into her face. Other than that, she was all right.

There were voices outside the door and Leene stood up as two imps strolled in. Both looking cocky and rather vain, they grabbed Leene’s arms roughly and began moving her out the door.

"Hey!" she screeched at them, but they paid her no mind. Despite their size they were quite strong and they were able to drag the unfortunate queen into a sort of throne room.

The first thing Leene saw was a huge stained glass window with velvet curtains hanging around it. An altar stood at the base of the window with the Chancellor behind it. He motioned for the imps to leave and calmly turned to a furious Leene.

"Good day My Lady. I hope your stay here was…pleasant." He chuckled. Leene glared at him and in the light from the stained glass window bouncing off her hair she looked quite intimidating.

"You scum- no, you are lower than scum. I can’t believe I ever trusted you." She took a step forward. The Chancellor held up a finger and an invisible hand grabbed Leene, pushing her down. Her knees buckled under the pressure and she crumpled to the ground. Barely able to lift her head, she uttered a fierce curse to the traitor before her.

"Now, now," the Chancellor tsked. "You mustn’t use that language. It isn’t fit for a queen." Leene choked as the pressure doubled. Her body hit the floor and she moaned as her forehead hit an alarmingly sharp rock. The Chancellor chucked again.

"It’s a pity I have to kill you. You are rather beautiful. Stubborn, yet beautiful."

"Fool, "Leene murmured in spite. The Chancellor lifted up his hand, which was glowing, as his energy mounted. Leene opened her mouth wide, realizing he was actually going to do it.

"Now Leene, prepare to meet your end!" he cried. She let out a small shriek and raised a hand shakily to defend herself.

"Stop!" a voice cried. Both Leene and the Chancellor turned to face a trio of outsiders. Leene smiled gleefully when Glenn, now insisting on being called Frog as he learned to accept himself as an amphibian, stepped through the door. Behind him came a young man, no older than 16, with spiky red hair and piercing green eyes, and a girl wearing huge glasses and a helmet, covering wisps of purple hair.

The Chancellor seemed shocked to see this ragtag group of enemies to his plan and his spell over Leene vanished. She quickly got to her feet and ran to Frog.

"Frog!" she began. He pulled out a large, knight’s sword and motioned for her to move aside. She nodded and bolted for the far wall. The boy pulled out a sword also, though his was longer and more slender than Frog’s. The girl pulled out some sort of gun, like nothing Leene had ever seen before.

The Chancellor was laughing wildly and high-pitched. He whirled around and started to glow.

"It’s no use. No one will leave her alive! PRESTO TRUFORM TRANSFORM-O!!" He spun around as lightning surrounded him and when the electricity stopped he had changed into a large, mole-like creature that lunged for Frog and his comrades. Then the battle started.

Leene watched it all with fascinated horror. Frog and the spiky-haired boy had a duel attack using their swords and the shape of an X. The girl threw some mean bombs as well as some shots from that gun of hers. The Chancellor, now called Yakra, hit them by bouncing off the walls.

With one last sword slash from Frog, Yakra disintegrated and the fight was over. Leene breathed deeply, realizing she had been holding her breath during much of the action. She approached Frog and grinned.

"Thank you Frog, thank you!" she cried happily. Frog turned to the other two fighters and raised one hand.

"I thank thee, Crono and Lucca." Leene bowed slightly in honor to her saviors and gave her best regal smile. At least the best she could manage in the state she was in.

"Yes, I thank you too." Crono, she thought, must be the boy and Lucca the girl. Lucca responded with a polite "You’re welcome", but Crono was silent. Frog opened a treasure box that was sitting next to Yakra’s altar and helped the real Chancellor out.

"Ah! I’m free! As you can see Your Majesty, I am undamaged." He walked with Leene towards the door.

"The castle?" Frog asked. Leene tightened her lips and sighed at the memory of her and Grant’s last conversation.

"Yes. Let’s go home."


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