Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 33

By Jupiterstar

Magus’ troops had attacked. Leene stood by the door, watching Grant lead the Knights of the Square Table out to vanquish the evil that threatened the village of Truce. She choked back a sob and turned back into the castle with her head in her hands.

For three hours she heard nothing of the status of the battle raging outside, until a lone soldier stumbled in, dripping blood on the red carpet. Leene ran to him.

"What is it like out there? Tell me!" she demanded while helping him up and walking him down to the infirmary. He coughed and staggered before answering.

"The…Hero!" Leene nearly dropped him right there. So, the legendary Hero had appeared. Tears stung her eyes, for Cyrus had once been the Hero. She gave the wounded soldier to the nurses and dashed back up to the castle door.

Grant was limping towards the castle. Leene cried out for him and grabbed his arm as he collapsed in her arms from pain and exhaustion. She and two other castle soldiers got him into his bed and Leene placed a cool washcloth on his forehead.

"Oh Grant, why did you go out there?" she crooned to him. He held her hand tightly, but said nothing. She could feel the tears rolling down her face. But if the Hero was here…

"King Guardia!" a young voice said from the doorway. Leene was astounded to see a young boy with messy violet hair, the Hero’s Medal pinned to his chest, stride in the room. He was carrying a small sword and an old wooden shield.

"I am the Hero. My name is Tata," the boy said proudly. Leene just stared. A boy?! A boy was the legendary Hero?! She swallowed hard and stood to meet him.

"Greetings." She said. "I am Queen Guardia, Leene. My husband the King has been wounded in battle. We need you to fight."

Tata looked rather hesitant

"Well, I really can’t fight. Plus, the battle has moved to the Zenan Bridge. Your troops are winning." Leene frowned.

Tata saluted her sharply. "Good day to you, My Lady." And he walked through the door. Leene was puzzled over the turn of events, but sat back down at Grant’s side and stroked his hair, matted down with sweat and blood. If Tata said he was the Hero and he held the Hero’s Medal, than it must be true.

"Le..eene..?" Grant groaned. She smiled down at his face.

"Yes my sweet. And you’re going to be fine. Our troops are winning out there. You fought bravely." Grant closed his eyes again, this time to sleep, knowing the Hero was found. Leene set her head on his chest, rising and falling with every breath he took and was soon asleep herself, still clutching her husband’s hand.


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