Destiny Awaits- Leene's Story Chapter 34

By Jupiterstar

4 months later…

"Hurray!" the villagers shouted. Grant took a large pair of scissors and cut the string of a bunch of brightly colored balloons. Leene watched them float high in the sky and clapped as they disappeared from sight. More and more balloons were released, marking the end of the war and the opening of Leene’s Square.

Grant took Leene by the hand and led her around to the various exhibits. There were all kinds of foods and drinks, and a parade too. Leene touched Grant’s arm lightly.

"I’ll be right back," she told him. She walked towards her parents, who were sitting near a cidar tent and waved.

"Oh Leene!" her mother greeted her with a hug and a kiss and Leene got the same from her father. She sat down next to them on the wooden bench and was shocked at who turned around to face her.

"Ginny!!" Leene shrieked. She embraced her sister tightly and looked at her face.

"You came back?" Leene asked, still holding Ginny around the arms. Ginny laughed cheerfully.

"How could I not? A party square named after my little sister?" she stepped aback and looked Leene up and down.

"Is that really my sister?" she said with a grin. "The scrawny little girl I used to catch butterflies with?" Leene giggled and hugged her sibling again, felling a tear roll down her cheek. The pendant she had received for saving the little girl hung around her neck.

"I have to go now. Good-bye!" she called as she joined Grant by a large group of knights. The saluted Grant and Leene, then stepped back to reveal a wreath made of roses with a sword in the middle. A plaque in front of it read: "Dedicated to Cyrus, brother of Leene, Queen of Guardia and Hero, 600 AD"

"Oh my God," Leene said as she knelt by the plaque. She kissed her finger, then touched the plaque gently. She stood up and looked at the knights, many of which she knew.

"Thank you all so much," she said, emotion choking her voice. The saluted her again and she and Grant moved on.

* * *

The sky was getting darker as night rolled in and Grant led Leene to a small hill out the back of the Square. Leene gasped at the beautiful sight that met her eyes.

The sun was dark orange as it fell beneath the horizon, the sky the color of the rainbow. The clear water in the ocean rippled under the softly blowing breeze. Leene looked at Grant’s face. The hard-set jaw that ruling a kingdom seemed to solidify. Those kind eyes that she had first fallen in love with. His sandy hair, moving with the wind.

"What a perfect place," she murmured, "to raise our children." Grant gaped at her open-mouthed and as Leene placed a hand on her stomach Grant noticed the gentle rounding. He looked at his wife’s face in question and she smiled and nodded.

He cried out in delight and picked Leene up, twirling her around and around while she held her arms out and laughed. The pendant around her neck shimmered in the dimming sunlight as the moon rose in the sky, a perfect beginning.


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