Ash Through Time Part 1

By Kasady Voorhees

1002 A.D.

Crono, Lucca, and Marle are standing in the Guardia castle throne room, with the stranger and King Guardia. "So, who are you, and why are you here?" King Guardia asked the stranger. The stranger replied, "My name is Ash. I work in housewares at S-Mart. I used to lead a normal life. One night my girlfriend and i drove to a small cabin in the woods. We found the Necronomicon. The book of the dead. The book awoke something evil in the woods. It took Linda, my girlfriend. Then it came for me. It got into my hand, so I lopped it off at the wrist. That didn't stop it. it came back. I spent time fighting the undead forces, using only the Remington shotgun I had and a chainsaw that I made to fit on my arm. After a while, I stopped them, and things went back to normal. Until today. The deadites came back, attacking everyone in S-Mart. I had no choice but to get my chainsaw and shotgun and kill em all. But then, after I killed em, this portal opens again, I'm pulled in, and I end up here in the dark ages with kids pulling swords on me.". "I'm sorry about that. I didn't know what to think when you showed up. But if you hadn't, the witch would have killed some of my people" was all King Guardia could say. "Very well. While you are here, you may have anything you need. You can stay with Crono until we an return you to your own time. "Wonderful, i get to stay with psycho boy!". Back at Crono's house, Ash is getting things in order. His chainsaw is put up and his bionic hand is back on his wrist. "So, you've traveled through time before, right?" crono asked. "Uhh, yeah. A few months ago I was trapped in 1300. There i stopped a deadite army, retrieved the Necronomicon, and got back home. Sure, i could have stayed. They offered to make me king. But My place is in my own time. Speaking of which, how the hell do I get back? We can try to get the Necronomicon, but without a wizard it's useless." Ash said harshly. Just then Lucca walked in with some news. "I've done some research. Ash exists not only in the future, but in a different time stream. So we can't use Epoch to get him home". "Wonderful", was all Ash could say. "Then we'll need the Necronomicon" Crono replied without haste. Ash snapped" you forgot 2 things. First, whether or not the book exists in this timeline, and we have no wizard". "The book exists. As for a wizard, that's easy. We know one" Lucca answered. Lucca, Crono, and Ash head towards the End of Time. here they meet Gaspar, the wise man who lives there. "Greetings". Gaspar welcomed his old friends. "Gaspar, we need help. This man is lost in time and we need to get him back. There's one problem. He exists in a different time stream than us. Plus we need a book called the Necronomicon to send him home" Crono told Gaspar. "Yes, I've been watching. The Necronomicon exists in your time stream as with his, but you need to retrieve it and you need a wizaed to use it. The book is in a forest near Melchior's house, but the forest is haunted by very evil creatures. Take caution". Gaspar always had an answer. Lucca looked at Ash. "Come on. We need to get the wizard we told you about. "Fine. Let's just hurry" was all Ash could say.


11,998 B.C.

The North Cape on the continent is quiet, save for a man wearing a blue cape sitting and watching the sea. A blue haired man, roughly in his 30's, who used to be the prince of Zeal. He was once Janus. Now he is only Magus. In a way, he was like Ash. While generally good, his attitude could make you think differently. His sister had been lost due to the creature Lavos, had to live with the mystics, fighting his own kind, and had to stop his insane mother. It was no wonder his heart seemed black. Behind Magus, Epoch appears from the sky, and lands, unloading it's passengers. "Who goes.... oh. It's only you. What do you want?", Magus said sharply. "We need your help. This man is lost in time. We can't get him back with Epoch. He exists in a different time stream. That's why we need your help." Lucca stated. "I have better things to do. Begone" was all Magus said. Ash replied," Like waht, sit there all day?". This made magus very angry. he pulled his scythe and was about ready to cut Ash when something blocks him. Ash has his chainsaw, which is back on his hand, holding the scythe out of the way, and is holding his shotgun to Magus' chin. "I don't think so." Magus, surprised, asked, "who are you?". Magus was terrified that a man with no magic could beat him. "Name's Ash".


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