Ash Through Time Part 2

By Kasady Voorhees

11,998 B.C.

Ash and Magus are standing on North Cape in their deathhold. Magus, seeing a possible opportunity, draws a knife with his free hand and attempts to stab Ash in the stomach. Ash, seeing Magus's hand, kicks Magus hard in the groin. "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!". Magus knew he was hurt. "Not this time, you don't" Ash retorted. Magus, in severe pain and embarassment, picks up his scythe and holds it in the air."Now we finish this, stranger!". Magus was ready to kill Ash when Ash starts his chainsaw and cuts the scythe handle in half. "I don't think so. Now, you ready to talk, or do I have to get mad?" Ash told the stunned wizard. 'He is obviously stronger than I thought' Magus thought to himself."Fine. What do you want? And just who are you?". Magus asked, still in pain.

"First question- we need you to use the Necronomicon to get me home." Ash said harshly. Magus, confused, asked "The Necronomicon? I've never heard of it." Magus answered, still confused. Ash shoved his shotgun under Magus's chin."I don't really care. Now come on unless you like the idea of being a stain on the ground!". 'I really don't have a choice in this spot, do I?' Magus thought. "Okay, let's go. I can destroy you later."


End of Time

Lucca and Ash have returned with Magus, and are going over what has happened and the Necronomicon. ", what exactly is this book?" Magus inquired, still not exactly sure what this is about. "It's the Book of the Dead. It has many spells and passages that can open doorways to another world. It's not a toy either. Because of it I lost my hand." Ash told them. "Ahem..." Gaspar cut in "... the book is located in the forest near Melchior's hut, but it is haunted. Ash, you and Magus will retrieve the book. Robo will wait ready if you need assistance. This is too dangerous for the others. Lucca, retrieve Robo, Frog, and Ayla. They may be needed. The 2 of you can take the proper gate to 1000 A.D. You will arrive in Medina village and travel to melchiors to let him know. Then you will go for the book. There are 3 words that must be spoken before you pick up the book first otherwise the evil will rise and we'll be in grave trouble. Ash, you know the words, right?". "Uhh, yeah.... Klaatu, Veraata, N....N... damn. I can never remember it." Ash said. Gaspar, in his all-knowing way, said "Nicto. say those 3 words before picking up the book." "All right. Lucc... whatever, get the others. Mr. Wizard, let's go" Ash ordered. "WAIT! I need to go to the castle. I'll take the gate with you" Marle told the 2. Ash, slightly angry, asked "That it for everyone? Good. Let's go."


1002 A.D. Medina village, Imp's house

The 2 imps that live in this small house are eating dinner, when the cabinet bursts open and spits out Magus, Ash, and Marle. "Oh, hello." said the first imp, used to the party coming through the gate in their closet by now. Ash, not quite understanding what happened, told them "Uhh, hi. We'll be going now. Just passing through". Outside, the party gets ready. "Okay, I'm going to the castle for a few things then I'll go to Melchiors and wait for you. I'll keep the gate key with me in case something happens." Marle tells them. She leaves for the ferry to Guardia. "We should buy some supplies before we leave for Melchior's. If this book is as dangerous as you say, we may need food and medical supplies" Magus said. "All right.... uhh, those were deadites in that house. Why are deadites living in a town and being nice to humans?" Ash asked in his normal harsh way. " They're not deadites. They're M Mystics, a race of monster creatures. They are alive. See, in 600 A.D., when I was lost in time myself, I led the mystics. In fact, I was almost one myself. Enough for now, we can talk later. Right now we need supplies and to get to Melchior's."


2302 A.D. Proto Dome

Lucca has arrived to pick up Robo. But something isn't right. The land is burned, there is no life, and the domes are in worse shape than ever. Lucca runs in Proto Dome to find Robo lying unconscious on the floor. Lucca manages to repair him enough to get his systems online. "What happened, Robo? Why is everything gone? Were our efforts useless?" Lucca asked, not knowing what to do. " I don't know. I was fixing a monitor on the wall when a bright flash destroyed everything. There's no radiation, and we had no enemies. Not even the Mother Brain would have, or could have done this. Not even Lavos could." Robo answered. The 2 walked outside, and noticed that the domes were the only thing resembling the current time. It's as if something has destroyed this long ago, leaving the dome ruins on accident. Suddenly, something caught Lucca's eye. A rusted object in the ground. It was a chainsaw. A chainsaw with an arm sticking out of it.


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