Ash Through Time Part 3

By Kasady Voorhees

1002 A.D. Melchior's hut

"So, your quest brings you to those woods. Yes, they are a dangerous place. I've never been there personally, but I have heard about the numerous people to go in and never return. Why would you need to go there anyway?" Melchior asked both travelers. Magus, still confused, asked " First, can you tell me about a book called the Necronomicon?". Gaspar, stunned, replied "Why? That book is in the forest, so I can only guess why. The book was written in 800 A.D. It was written by an old man who witnessed spiritual callings he wasn't supposed to have seen. He inked the book out of blood and bound it in flesh. That book is more powerful than you, or anyone. If you must have the book, be very cautious. I don't want to know why you need it. Just be careful". Magus, now more frightened than ever, started " Marle went to the castle for a few things. She will meet us here later. She has the gate key with her." "Very well" Melchior told him.

"We'd better go while it's still light. The light hurts those thing." Ash interrupted. They had arrived early in the morning, and it would be awhile until darkness fell. "Ash, before we leave, what are you taking?" Magus asked. Ash replied "my chainsaw, my hand, my shotgun, and 10 shells. You?". "My scythe, the bag for the book, and the few supplies." Magus answered. "Good. Let's go."


602 A.D. Frog's home

Lucca had arrived from 2300 A.D. just minutes ago with Robo, and was in a hurry to return after what she saw. "Aye, we must hurry. If what you saw is destined to occur, we must try to prevent it." Frog told them. "All right. Get what you need and come on. We don't have any time to spare." Lucca told him. Frog picked up the Masamune and put it in his holster on his waist. As they were climbing the ladder, something blocks the exit. "Damn, I think it's a boulder! Something doesn't want us to leave." Lucca said in anger. Outside, a monster with green skin says "That's right!".


1002 A.D. the woods

Ash and Magus had been looking for several hours, finding nothing and it was getting late. "It's gonna be dark soon. We need to find a place to stay fast or we're dead." Ash told Magus. "Agreed." Magus said. " I think I saw a cabin not too far from here and- ..... ssshhh. Listen." Ash said, startled. "I don't hear a...... wait. Uh oh." Magus replied in fear. "It's running..... THIS WAY!!!! DAMN!! RUN!!!!" Ash screamed to the wizard. Both started running in a blur with the evil on the chase. Ash, running, pointed and said "LOOK! THE CABIN!". "INSIDE!" Magus told him. They both ran in, slammed the door, and barricaded it with the table and chairs while the evil tried to break in. Both men were screming in fear as the thing tried harder to break in. Suddenly, it stopped. Both of them slumped to the floor, tired. "What... in the.... hell... was... that?" Magus asked? "A..... demon..... from the... other side...." Ash told him. "At.. least we have... shelter." "Yes. We need to rest here and wait. It's.... to dangerous out." Magus replied.


1002 A.D. Guardia Castle

"Okay, I want you all ready for battle. My friends may get into trouble so I want you all ready for anything!" Marle told the army, who had assembled by the king's orders. "Princess, I want you to be careful too. I only ordered this army assembled due to what they're after. I know there have been many people lost in those woods where that book is. My main concern is over a possible army of the dead. Now, the rest of you, you will be on Standby near the ferry station to the other continent. You will only move in on my orders. Understood?" King Guardia spoke. "YES SIR!" the army yelled back. "Now, I have to get back to Melchior's house. Ash and Magus will expect me there since I'm their only way home." Marle told her father. "Very well. If trouble arises, I want you to return immediately." the king told her. "I will, daddy. Now, i have to go." Marle answered, knowing he was worried for her safety.


602 A.D. Frog's house

Ozzie had managed to trap Frog, Lucca, and Robo in the small house underground. He was destined to do the same with crono, Ayla, Marle, and especially Magus. He also knew about the new friend they had now. He didn't know who this guy was, but wanted to lock him up too. "You, set more boulders on that hole and chain them down! I do not want failure this time!" Ozzie yelled to one of the mystics who was with him. " I've been nearly killed twice by those freaks. Not again. This time I will have my-". Ozzie was startled by a sharp object at his back. It was Crono's sword. "I can't let you do that Ozzie. There's much more going on than you realize. Now, either let them go or I will have to kill you".


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