Ash Through Time Part 10

By Kasady Voorhees

11,998 B.C. an open field

Ash was ready to saw this creature apart. he'd heard a few talk before, but this didn't concern him. Why would one of these things beg for life? Ash was about to learn. "Please....I can help you. I am a renegade working against the Baron. A few of us want to live in peace, but the tyrants do not, so they force us into slavery....with mind control devices...." the thing spoke, half terrified. Ash was still ready to kill it. ".... each creature is a separate undead species. We war with each other, as most are full of hatred" it continued. Crono, now interested in the story, asked, "but why all of this? Why take over Earth?". Ash was busy trying to start his chainsaw again, which had locked up in the cold. "It centers around one of a species becoming greedy. they find a way to mind-control others. The first was a Spiderdemon. Now it's a Baron. It has to do with a larger entity. The devil himself, as you would call him". Ash was finally listening. It went on, " The one who controls the army only does what the 'devil' wants. Except the Baron. he seems to have his own ideas. He's doing this for his own greed. But, a revenant under control is leading a small group. They succeeded in their goal already-". Ash stopped it in mid sentence. "What goal?" he asked, demanding the truth. "The goal....of reviving the one-time leader of the dead. Your double. Because, he is destined to become the 'devil' in this time. That's why the treachery in the ranks. the Baron wants to be the chosen one. I was about to fire several rockets at the Baron before I was pulled through" it finished. Ash remembered the Baron. Seven feet tall, like a cross between a goat and a 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. And they had the advantage of being able to fire off plasma from their hands. The knights, white version of the Baron, fell easy. But not this thing. It was like trying to destroy a tank with a cherry bomb.

Ash couldn't imagine what would happen if his double became this large creature. "Is it too late to stop him?" Ash asked. The Imp looked at him. "No. There is still time. First they must build the mechanical vessel. It serves as a physical form" it explained. Ash thought of all the steel pipes and computer parts being stolen. Just then, as Ash happened to turn his head, he saw a chance. The Necronomicon had been dropped on the ground. He ran over to it. He picked it up in excitement, then his hopes dropped. They had it, but how would they use it? They had no clue as to which passage opened the way home. As he turned, the Imp began to speak. "Use that to get back. And take this. My last offering at stopping all of this-" it finished as nails ripped through it's stomach. It slumped down. Ash moved the body to find it had been laying on a nailgun. Aside from what had just been fired, there had to be at least fifty nails still left. This wasn't a standard hardware department nailgun either. This was something you'd expect to see in a movie about post-apocyliptic worlds. Well, that was what would happen if they didn't act. Ash picked up the nailgun and turned to the others. "Let's go".


602 A.D. Ozzie's fort

Magus was standing up. Ozzie had performed the rituals. After all, Robo had given him no choice. "Well, Ozzie, I see you haven't lost EVERYTHING! You may have lost all followers, respect, and most magic, but cherish what you do have. Healing magic and two dimwits for company!" Magus said sarcastically. Magus decided not to tell them what had happened. "By the way, if I come across another one of those things that tried to eat me, I'll be sure to send it to you so you can have another friend" He said as he and Robo walked out. Ozzie started beating his fist on the wall. He hit it so hard it knocked a brick loose from the ceiling that fell hard on his head. Flea and Slash laughed as Ozzie cursed violently.


outside the fort

Magus and Robo had reached the small gate. "What did happen? All I remember was the large demon, then I blacked out" Magus asked Robo. Robo felt he had to answer. "Well, some....thing decided to try to swallow you whole. We were able to knock that demon into the black hole, but, as you can see, I lost in that as well" he explained. Magus replied, "yes, I noticed. At least you can be fixed". Robo took out the gate key. "More on this later. Right now we have a job to do!" Robo said as he opened the gate.


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