Ash Through Time Part 13

By Kasady Voorhees

End of Time

"Okay, I want a full review of the past 24 hours!" Ash told the party. Robo stepped forward. if he'd had a throat, he would have cleared it. "You can't seem to remember a lot, so I'll begin after we decided to use the duplicator. When we began to look over the telepods, a large crowd of demons attacked. We had no choice but to gather and lead an attack on the creature. It was sending troops to interfere too fast for us to work. We were losing against it before you woke up from your trance" Robo explained to a confused Ash. Ash looked at Robo, and said, "uhh, yeah. The marine told me that those spidermind creatures can make you daydream. Bring out fears. It's a weapon. Watch out for the hallucinations".

Ash was more concerned at this point with getting home rather than fighting this thing. He didn't want to fight it. He hadn't told them, or anyone, about his studies of demons. The floating creature, what the marine called a pumpkin, what he called a Cacodemon from the name given in one book, frightened Ash too much. He was wondering if it was worth his life to save a world not his own, when his was possibly losing. The big creature, the one who called himself Megatron, couldn't handle the situation, nor could the marine or the kids. The forces were too much.

Had Ash not been staring into the void, thinking to himself, he would have heard the others. "Okay, Ayla's out, so......" Crono spoke, trying to get organized. Marle looked at him. "So, we do have these weapons. They might give us a chance" she said. They knew the creature was immune to magic. Even if it weren't, Spekkio couldn't give magic to Ash. Ash was just too closed to accept change. He hated anything abnormal. They knew he had been traumatized, but was it that bad? Could it have been that bad? Could it be that bad in his own world? In fact, could they get him to his own world? Crono, Marle, and Lucca were still discussuing the battle. Nearby, Magus and Frog were talking. Not about the upcoming battle which could mean death, but about the past. "Frog, Glenn, I'm not sire if this even means anything anymore, but, if I had the chance to change you again, I wouldn't. I would kill Ozzie, not Cyrus. I've learned the truth far too late" Magus said. frog simply looked at him, and said, "I understand. Now, we have a battle to worry about!".Robo was getting their new weapons ready. "Okay, these guns fire rapidly. Be careful. They shoot fast. We only have a limited supply of nails, and these things are to be destroyed after the battle! You each get one" Robo told the party.

Ash looked over at them. Robo reminded him of one of the large robots he had met. A large gold one called Bumblebee. Both good hearted, but they had a fighting spirit underneath. He knew the time for thinking and wishing was over. He walked over to the rest, and said, "We strike at dawn. We'll sleep first". The others nodded.


that night

Magus stirred from his sleep. He didn't want to sleep. All he saw was Ash's world. he was staring into it. Cities were overrun with demons. Any resistance couldn't do much. The whole world was being taken over. He had also learned their plans. Take over that world, than take over as many worlds as possible. Just like Lavos. Could Lavos be one of them? Could it be the same species as the walking mechanical demons and the pink demons? He tried to push these thoughts from his mind, but they wouldn't be pushed. Had they deliberately sent Ash here as an unwilling pathway to this world? Or was the gate opened? He knew Ash had nothing to do with their plans. At least, not willingly.

He looked up. He saw a large red gate in the doorway. It seemd to call to him. He stood up and walked to it. The gate opened and he stepped in. A bright flash of light almost blinded him, and he saw himself standing in the mountains. Not exactly himself, but it was him, stamding next to Ozzie, and in front of an injured Cyrus and a frightened Glenn. he was too far away for them to see him. He was standing in the mountains where he had killed Cyrus. The only difference between himself and his double, was that he was now older. The other Magus was only in his 20's. The younger magus was about to strike Cyrus dead. Not again. It was his second chance, and hemade a promise. Before the spell was cast, magus cast his own lightning bolt, and struck his counterpart in the leg. He doubled over in pain.

Magus ran up to them. His counterpart looked up, about to fight back, when he saw himself. "No, can't be! It's not possible!" he screamed out, looking into the face of his older self. 12 years was a long time. Magus picked up his counterpart by the neck. He was about to kill, when he realized that not only is this not the clone from earlier, it was himself, and if he killed this one, he may be killing himself. He threw the younger Magus to the ground. Looking at Glenn and Cyrus, he saw the two, frightened, stunned, and confused. "This is my second chance. I'm setting things right. Now go. Go before they can attack!" he ordered the two. He had intended to save them, and he was doing just that. As they walked off, Ozzie spoke up. "Not so fast! You two still have to die! And as for you, imposter, we shall see!".


1,002 A.D. Medina Inn

Two small Mystic Imps were being attacked by two large demon Imps. The one being picked up by the arm tried to fight back with a fork but couldn't reach. The ogre behind the counter was being attacked by a Mancubus. The only reason no flames were being shot was because the ogre had already used his mace on the cannons, and a Mancubus had poor vision to begin with. Outside, Lost Souls were chasing bats. Ozzie VIII was stuck in a tree by 2 demons, and he was screaming like a little girl for help, despite the fact he could fly. Various other zombies were wandering around, torching buildings, and one deadite was giving the orders.

Suddenly, a Lust Soul was hit by an arrow and exploded violently. The shrapnel caught the second, destroying it. The Guardia army had arrived. Two soldiers drove their swords through the demon's heads. Inside the inn, The Imps and Mancubus were killed. Outside, a pile of bodies was being doused with oils. Melchior walked up to it and threw the charred remains of Magus's clone. The knights tossed a torch on it sending the demons back to hell. Unfortunately, they weren't through. The deadite, who had been preoccupied, was still alive, and very hungry.


Magus's dream

Magus looked at Ozzie. Memories of the past started flooding in. Ozzie was like a father to him, yet it was Ozzie who had made him a heartless monster. Reaching for his scythe, he found he still had the Necronomicon with him. He almost hesitated when his hand touched it- not because it was bound in human flesh, that didn't disturb him. He had felt books bound in worse. It was because he was scared. He was scared because he had never used this book before. It was more powerful than anything he'd used, and he had seen a literal army of the dead rise because of two lines. The wrong spell could detonate the planet. He could cut Ozzie's head off, but he was also worried about messing up time, which he may have already done anyway. He then noticed Cyrus and Glenn had run off. Now he was in the clear. he had made things right. The Necronomicon wasn't needed. Ozzie was still cursing loudly, as usual. Magus simply pointed at him casting a freezing spell, turning Ozzie into a solid block of ice. Things were fixed. The red gate appeared again nearby. magus started walking towards it, when his younger counterpart woke up. he stood, and said, "you FOOL! I had them where I wanted them!". Magus looked at him and told him, "you didn't. Trust me". He stepped intot he gate without another word.


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