Ash Through Time Part 14

By Kasady Voorhees

End of Time

The battle plans were drawn. The soldiers ready, there would soon be no turning back for our heroes. It was the seven of them against possibly an army of demons and zombies. The worst part, they may all die before they can do anything. Only time would tell, and that time was running out. The batte was imminent. Ash finished handing out the weaponry. No one even noticed as Magus walked in from the portal. Well, except for Frog, who decided not to ask. Without Ayla, their chances were much smaller. And the odds were almost too much. They all knew that success was important, but none counted on it. If they had felt it was an option, some might have backed out.

Crono sighed. Lavos had been bad enough, but Lavos crossed with a demon that was armed to the teeth with guns? He felt sick. Magus refused the nailgun, but remembering the odds, took it anyway, in case. Lucca was checking Robo over carefully. Gaspar and Spekkio stood and watched them ready themselves. "I wish we could help them out in their battle" Gaspar remarked, almost to no one. 'And get ourselves KILLED? Are you insane' Spekkio thought, but only said, "me too".

Ash dropped his steel hand into a small pouch and clipped the saw on. He secured the weaons to himself, careful not to drop the arrows. "Okay, listen up! We have one shot at this, and it has to count. No backing out. If you come with us, your only way out is victiry or death. that's why I'm hiding these keys when we arrive! Now, spiky, the girls, and the frog will hold off any defenses. Me, wizzrobe, and the tin can go after Mr. Butt-Ugly. And don't get yourself killed over a dumb risk. Understand?" Ash screamed out. He wanted to make sure they knew what to do. They all knodded their heads in agreement. Ash tossed Crono and marle each a gate key. "Pair off. no one goes alone. Wizard and robot come with me in the plane" he ordered. They did just that. Asg, Magus, and Robo climbed into Epoch, Robo at the controls. the others walked tot he gate. "To the dark ages, now!" Ash told them. The creature loved the cold weather for some odd reason. As Epoch took off, the others took the gate into the most fearsome battle they would ever face!


11,998 BC Lavos Mastermind nest

The snow glistened as an army of mixed creatures stood on it. Imps crossed with Imps, Ogres crossed with Mancubus, Reapers and Revenants, as well as the army of zombies, and deadites. The creature stood in the center of the nest. They were ready to burn and kill the village nearby. This would wipe out all humans in this time.

Epoch slowed down in the air, above the nest, going unnoticed. Ash looked down, and almost had a heart attack. He didn't plan on there being so many. Magus seemed to read his mind. They could see the others warp in near the nest, but far enough away not to be seen. Until one of the deadites saw Lucca. It called out to the others, risking the whole mission. Suddenly, as if by instinct, Magus casted black hole in the center of the nest. He wanted to pull as many monsters in as possible, but knew the mastermind was too big. The monsters screamed as the doorway pulled them in, ripping them part. When it finally closed, all that remained of the vast army were a few zombies and one of the flame throwing ogres. Robo piloted to the ground, as the mastermind shot at them. Crono drew his katana and ran after the ogre, dodging flames, and striking it with lightning before hacking its arms off. It stood angry as it bled. Marle simply froze it. The zombies were easy enough, the nailgun destroyed their heads very effectively. All that was left was the creature. Before they could aim at it, a gate opened and a small creature, resembling the bigger brain, without Lavos mixed in, walked though. They barely dodged as hot plasma energy whizzed past them. Their nailguns bounced off the metal body. They did no good.

The three ran up behind some rocks. Robo fired his laser at the legs, Magus fired lightning bolts, while Ash pumped nails at the mastermind's hide. This confused it, as it couldn't decide where to fire. Frog sent a water wave at the small robot, and Marle froze the stream, locking it in place. It fired the plasma burst right at the mastermind! Shell pieces flaked off, leaving the soft body exposed. Ash saw his chance. He jumped from behind the rock and climbed up the shell while it was distracted. The chainsaw which sat on his wrist revved up. He dug the blade into the flesh, splattering blood all over him and hurting the monster badly. All it could do was fire its gun and Lavos needles at the first target it saw- the Arachnotron which was frozen. It died immediately. Writhing in pain, the mastermind buckled, sending Ash flying well over 50 feet into the air, causing him to come down hard, the arrow pouch not far away. Fighting the pain, Ash grabbed the crossbow and readied it. He crawled to the pouch. As if someone was watching him, the large eye in the middle of it's face opened as it roared. This was a big attack, revenge for the lacerations. before it could attack, Ash loaded an arrow, and fired dead center. The poisons flowed into the creatures blood stream, causing it pain as it burned. But the few ounces it held wouldn't do enough- Ash had popped the saw off and his hand on. He quickly loaded the auto-load rack on the bow with as many arrows as it would hold. he fired them in rapid succession into all three eyes, the added toxin almost too much for it. Its organs burned horribly.

The Vulcan acnnon on its underside fired mindlessly into the air. Until it lowered, and headed towards Lucca. Robo dived in front of her and took the bullets, most bouncing off him. Magus drew his nailgun and fired the full clip into the saw wound. "Aim all magic and firpower at the open spots, NOW!" Ash ordered as he pumped shells into the creature's face. Magus cast Dark Matter, an attack so bad it tore one of the mechanical legs to shreds. Marle shot Ice at Crono's sword as he jammed it into an eye. Lucca shot fire as Frog sent a water wave, the rapidly boiling water burning the creatures feet. The ammo had run dry though, and the magic energy was almost drained. Ash slammed his last two shells in and fired them.

Their battle now seemd useless. Everyone used the last of their magic for healing and shielding. Until Magus remembered he still had the Necronomicon in his side pouch. He decided it had to be used. Ash ran to the side, but tripped on a rock in the snow. he took the hand off and clipped the saw back on. he stood and ran as bullets pierced the ground. As he ran, a bullet caught his leg, and he tripped, the saw becoming embedded in the ground. he couldn't pull it out and his arm was stuck. The mastermind raised its guns. Robo saw what was happening, and remembered the future he saw. before it could fire its death blast, Robo fired his laser at the cannon, destroying it. Ash was safe, save for the blood gushing from his leg.

Magus pulled the book out, and turned to a page he could somewhat read. He decided to try it. He muttered the first few words while pointing at the mastermind. the pain inside it increased, as the words made the piosons and wounds worse. The more he spoke, the worse it got. Ash looked it it. "HIT THE DIRT!" he screamed out. Everyone listened to him. The got fown and shielded their necks. Robo served as a shield to Lucca. Magus recited more to this horrible spell. Finally, Magus finished. The creatures short arms exploded. It stumbled around due to the damaged leg. It writhed horribly, until, finally, it exploded into a million pieces, so loud it could be heard for miles, the rumble almost silenced by a loud, hideous scream.......


1 hour later

Ash slowly woke up from his daze. He was laying in the field, covered with blood, organd, and shards of shell and metal fragments. They had won, or at least they weren't dead. Magus slowly woke up as well. Both stood up. the wound in Ash's leg had stopped bleeding. Magus cast a small healing spell on the wound. Both decided it would be best to send Ash back now. the war here was over, but not in his world. Magus cast the same portal spell the clone had. Ash simply shook Magus's hand, and walked through, back to his own home.


THE END......for now.


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