Ash Through Time Part 5

By Kasady Voorhees

602 A.D. Frog's house

", this lost traveller in time is searching for his way home. Mayhaps he will find it. We should hope Magus's greed doesn't lead to more trouble. I refuse to allow him to use the book for evil purposes. After what he did to Cyrus, and myself, I still do not trust that swine" Frog stated. "But from what I saw from Ash, I doubt Magus will try anything funny. He has some sort of gas- powered mechanical saw for a right hand, and he also has a double-barreled gun. Plus he managed to knock Magus down, defenseless" Lucca told Frog. Robo, always willing to help, said, " The saw is called a chainsaw. It's the same kind as the one we saw in the-" Robo went silent. "In the what? Robo? Lucca, what was he saying?" Crono asked. "I don't know" Lucca said hesitantly. Crono, ignoring Lucca's odd actions, said, "It's a good thing I came through the time gate. You might have been trapped otherwise. The last thing we need is for Ozzie to screw up an important mission". "You're right. Well, I'll take you and Robo to the End of Time, then come back for Frog and Ayla. We need the whole team" Lucca told Crono.

Lucca, Crono, and Robo all climbed into Epoch and headed to the End of time. A few minutes later, Lucca returns to Frog's house. "Frog, you ready?" Lucca yelled. "Just one moment" Frog replied. Frog picked up the Masamune and sheathed it, then picked up the Hero's Medal from the small wooden table. He closed his eyes and thought about Cyrus for a minute. He then climbs up the ladder that leads to the surface, and boards the Epoch.


1002 A.D. haunted woods

The cemetary was now in sight. Both travellers were preparing to enter for the unholy goal. The goal tht would send our lost traveller to his own time stream. The Necronomicon. It alone held the power to fix everything, if used properly. Otherwise, it could break things further. Not even the Zealian wizard Magus could stop it if something went wrong. And neither could Ash, who'se life changed overnight one night in a Tennessee cabin because of it. He lost 4 of his friends, two of which were his sister Cheryl and his girlfriend Linda. Plus he had also lost his right hand, which to this day, still roams around, possessed. Of course those made him bitter, but he's not the only one. Magus knows about loss. His father, who disappeared mysteriously, his mother, who also lost her mind in her quest for Immortality, and his sister Schala, who was once his only friend.

The cemetary gates were standing open. "The book is inside. There should be an altar up ahead with 3 books on it. One of them is real, the other 2 are traps. just be careful" Ash warned Magus. Magus replied, "but remember the words. We need to say them before picking it up, right?". Ash, now somewhat irked, snapped back, "what tipped ya off? Yeah. You go for the book, I'll cover you". They both headed into the heart of the cemetary. As they neared the altar, a bony arm reaches out of the ground and grabs Ash by the ankle. Then several bony arms tear from their graves and grab at the two. Magus reaches for his scythe, only to find it missing from his belt. Suddenly, several skeletons crawl from the cold tombs, and charge the two. Magus is picked up and thrown right at the altar, knocking the Necronomicon to the ground. "Oh, no... THE WORDS!" Magus screamed out. Ash runs over to the altar. "You're damn right! Those bony bastards just ruined everything!" Ash yelled out. More skeletons were coming out of the ground, and winged deadites could be seen flying in from the east and west.

" This is just GREAT! Magus, get the book. HURRY!" Ash screamed to the wizard. Magus ran over to the fallen altar and grabbed the book, which was the only one that fell off. As both of them start to run out of the cemetary, a rotting deadite get's in Ash's way, screaming out "join us!" over and over. As Ash tries to pull away, it grabs his left arm and, with its fingernails, claws his arm, drawing large amounts of blood. It then grabs his bionic hand from his wrist as Ash is wincing in the incredible pain. Ash falls to the ground, beside his chainsaw. He quickly shoves his wrist into the back, get's to his feet, and starts it, only to cut the head and arms off the deadite. Ash then grabs his boinic hand from the clutches of the slain deadite, and throws it to Magus, who puts it in a sac on his belt. " I have the book. Let's go!" Magu yelled out. "No argument here. RUN!!" Ash quickly snapped back.


64,999,998 B.C. Ioka Village

Lucca was in the chief's hut, talking with Ayla about what has happened so far. But Lucca couldn't be sure if Ayla could help. Snow had been falling for a year, and the temperatures were far below freezing. Lucca was thinking of leaving Ayla behind, since these people needed her. " Ayla, maybe you should stay behind. Your people need you now more than ever" Lucca told her. Ayla, sadly, replied, " me know. Ioka crow colder as days pass. Me also with a baby. But Ayla help friends. Friends helped Ayla long ago, so Ayla help friends now!". Lucca just lowered her head, thinking that if something were to happen, time as she had worked to save would be a memory. She walked out to the Epoch with Ayla following her.


1,002 A.D. Melchior's House

Mirror Ash and Mirror Magus had just arrived at the meeting spot to wait for Marle. " Well, what about the book? You were gone for a full day" Melchior asked. Mirror Ash gave him a mean glare and shrieked out, " Well, it wasn't there, BRIGHT BOY!". Melchior, stunned, turned to Mirror Magus, and asked, "Janus, you didn't see the cemetary?". Mirror Magus leans over to Mirror Ash and whispers "who the hell is Janus?". Just then Ash and Magus run into the house, both of them cut, bruised, dirty, hungry, and tired. " We got the damn book. Now how the hell do we---". Ash stopped as he saw their counterparts at the table. Mirror Ash grabbed the sides of his head and screamed as loud as he could.


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