Ash Through Time Part 6

By Kasady Voorhees

1,002 A.D. Melchior's House

"GET BACK! I don't know where you came from, but you're goin' DOWN!" Ash screamed to his mirror counterpart. Ash was now starting to realize what the deadites were talking about before he was sent here- they talked of ressurecting their true leader. 'Bad' Ash had led them long ago. He also now realized that he wasn't sent here through a simple accident- those things sent him to this timestream to ressurect their leader. " Oh, what's the matter, is it because I have a right hand, or because I'm their leader, or is it your drinking problem? After all, even after we almost killed you those 7 years ago, you never got over it!" Mirror Ash yelled back. Magus, now slightly confused, turned to Ash and asked, "seven years? You said a few months! What is going on?". Melchior started moving slowly towards the basement stairs. Mirror Ash saw this and screamed at Magus's counterpart to stop him. Mirror Magus wrapped his arm aroung Melchior's neck. "One step and I break his brittle old neck!" he warned. "Now, hand over the Necronomicon. We already have the one from your time, but with 2... the power we would have would be immeasurable!" the deadite leader screamed. Ash looked at Melchior. 'Can I let any more innocent people die? But they'd kill him anyway, right? But if they get the book, we're all dead' Ash thought. Mirror Magus started tightening his grip on Melchior. Magus rushes the leader with his scythe drawn, only to be shot back across the room by an unseen force. "Yeah, you expected that to work? Now, the book!" he retorted. Ash pulled the book out, throwing it over, seeing no choice in the matter anymore. He knew he had lost. The leader opened the book. "Yes, here it is...Cunda astratta montose eargrets gutt nos veratoos canda amantos canda". The chant had been said. Ash knew the evil would awake, and it was his fault, again. He couldn't take this anymore. he knew that being cool and calm would no longer help anyone.

Ash pulled the cord on his chainsaw. He revved the blade, and rushed toward his mirror image. He left a large gash in the things chest, leaving it on the ground, bleeding a green blood, and screaming. He ran to Magus's mirror counterpart, and sliced off the arm around Melchior's neck, a trail of blood squirting from the creatures wound. "You're too late! the chant was said! this world is doomed! Now, I have a baron to go de-throne!" he said as he ran from the house. Mirror Magus tried to follow, crawling slowly. Magus saw an opportunity. he picked up his scythe, and sliced the thing in half at the waist. He then dismembered the thing. The thing looked at him and said, "not that easy, you freak!". Magus then quoted a Zealian chant, causing the monster to burst into flames, leaving a dead skeleton in its place.


1002 A.D. Guardia castle

Marle had lost track of the time. What was a trip to her room for a few things turned into looking over some old pictures of her mother. If the sky hadn't begun to darken outside, she may not have even noticed the trouble below in the castle. Marle picked up her crossbow from the bed and carefully went to the throne room. Several guards were ripped apart, laying all over the place, and even more guards were fighting the guards and advisors who had been possessed. "Dammit! Something's wrong" Marle screamed out. She made her way through the crowd, finding the king shaking behind his throne, with the soon-to-be queen nearby. Both were so scared they couldn't say a word.


End of Time

Lucca, Crono, Robo, Frog, and Ayla had all arrived at the End of Time to prepare for Ash's return home. But They should have been back by now. "Something has to be wrong. Either the book wasn't there, or..."Lucca couldn't finish her sentence. Robo looked at everyone and said, "perhaps we should go and see what happened". The 5 looked at each other and nodded. "All right. Lucca and Frog, you come with me in Epoch. Crono, take Ayla and go through the gate that opens near the castle. The gate should work from this side without the key" Robo decided. Gaspar was asleep at the lamp post. They deided to leave without waking him.


1002 A.D. outside of Guardia castle

Epoch had just landed by the castle doors. Crono and Ayla were there waiting. As they crawled down from Epoch, Ash and Magus came running up through the woods. "Thank God you're here! They have the book!" Ash told the party. Everyone readied their weapons, knowing the battle ahead would be tough. Robo tried to open the castle doors, with no luck. Ash used his chainsaw to cut the door down at the hinges and the party ran in. The walking dead were everywhere. Local villagers had become possessed and had stormed the castle. Ash drew his shotgun. Marle made her way to the group. The battle was on.

Crono, Frog, and Magus split into one group. Lucca, Marle, and Ayla into a second group. Robo and Ash into a third. The first group ran to the kitchen area to clear out the deadites there. The first group went to the knight's quarters to do the same. The third group went to the throne room. One of the deadites started punching Robo in the back, doing no damage. "This is getting rather annoying" Robo said as he punched it in the face repeatedly and tore it apart. Ash, reloading his shotgun after a kill, was ready to go after another one when something hits him over the head. The future queen, now possessed, had smashed a vase over his head. She then turned her attention to the king. The king hesitated at defending himself. "There's no way to save her! You have to kill that thing! She's already gone!" Ash yelled to the king. The king picked up a sword, but only managed to have it snatched away when he swung. Ash took the chainsaw off his wrist and slid it on the floor to the king. He picked it up, but only swung it ineffectively. "Pull the string!" Ash screamed out. Robo was still too busy fighting a small crowd of deadites to help. The king grabbed the pull-cord on the blade, and pulled on it until the saw started. He found the trigger, and knew what he had to do. He swung the saw at the creature, cutting it's head off, with the limbs falling in short order. The King dropped the saw, disgusted at what he had just done. He couldn't believe what he was forced to do out of necessity. This was all wrong.

Magus had just finished off the last of the creatures in the kitchen. The chef had hidden in a chest, being the only place to hide. The group ran back up the stairs to go clear out the court room.

The knight's quarters was a frenzy of these creatures. With the statue blocking the stairs at the top, hey couldn't get out of the room below. They were stuck. Lucca and Marle were shooting at the crowd, and Ayla took care of any who tried to climb the walls, even though she only knew to knock them down, since she didn't have a clue as to what these things were. To her they were only monsters. While the 3 were busy controlling the crowd, a figure moves out from behind the standing statue in the corner. It grabs Lucca around the stomach and holds a knife to her throat. It runs up the stairs. As it nears the main doors, Magus runs near, the group having cleared the court room. The deadite leader and Magus stared each other down. Ash and Robo were now nearby. "You have no choice. I have the book, I have a hostage, and now I have a way through time. Now I shall claim what's mine!" the leader screamed. They knew there was nothing they could do to help Lucca right now. The leader ran outside to Epoch. He threw Lucca in and jumped in himself. "Now, show me how to operate this thing" it ordered. Epoch then lifted off and streaked away in time...


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