Ash Through Time Part 7

By Kasady Voorhees

1,002 A.D. outside of Guardia castle

The deadite leader had just kidnapped Lucca and the Epoch, and gone to...well, who knows? Our heroes didn't. Not only was Epoch missing, but Lucca had the gate key as well. Finally, Robo spoke up. "There may be a chance that Lucca had plans made and copied when she made the first gate key. If so, that may still be at her house" he said. Ash replied, "what about materials? Or tools? Thought of that, you tin can?". But Magus had other ideas. "Melchior. He should be able to help" he answered. Everyone agreed to the idea. They all knew that either they stop the evil, or otherwise the entire world loses. Bith this one and Ash's.


1,002 A.D. Lucca's house

"...well, where are they?" Ash snapped to Robo. Robo, Ash, and Magus had spent the past hour digging through papers looking for plans to the gate key. Both Ash and Magus were starting to have doubts as to what they were doing. Magus was about to give up. "I'm going to check this one last drawer, then I quit!" he said. Magus tried to open the small desk drawer, but it was locked. Ash grabbed the bottom of it, and used his robotic hand to crush the lock. They opened the drawer to find a sealed envelope labeled 'to crono and the others if something happens to me'. Magus grabbed his scythe and used the edge to slice the envelope open. A letter was inside. It had this written on it-

'This is to be opened in case something happens to me. Epoch will not last forever, and if the gate key is lost, then you will have no way through time. So I took the liberty of making a spare gate key when I made the first. I can't put the exact location here, in case someone else found this, but it is probably right under your nose....'

Robo and Magus tried to figure out what the letter meant. While they did, Ash noticed that the floor boards that Magus was standing on had no nails in them. "Under your nose...." he said. He shoved Magus aside, and picked up the boards. In the floor was a small metal box. Robo lifted it out. He opened the box to reveal a gate key inside. "Jackpot!" Ash yelled out. As they were about to go, a loud noise started below. Ash ran out to the balcony to see Frog holding the modified chainsaw, slicing the table below in half. "HHHHEEEELLLPPPP MMMEEEEEE!" he screamed. Ash jumped down, and garbbed the blade with his metal hand. He then took it from Frog and shut it off. "I did not count on that blade being so... uncontrollable" Frog defended himself. Ash held up the saw so everyone could see it. "NOT, I repeat, NOT a toy!" he told everyone. "So..", Magus interrupted, "how did you get that thing for a hand?". Ash knew he couldn't keep it in any longer. "Well, I know you're all just DYING to know the truth, so, here's why I'm here. It started maybe 3 weeks ago. I hard reports on the news about sightings of undead creatures. So I packed my stuff in my car, and drove to the west coast, where a large group had gathered. Maybe if it had been just me, I could have cleaned up this mess on my own, but NO! Some kids had to get in the way. And their friend who looked almost exactly like me. At least that guy in green was someone you could work with. Even with them in the way, I was at least cleaning up. Until those large walking tin cans showed up. They managed to do nothing but anger those dead freaks, and they opened some large portal. While trying to run from it, some THINGS knocked the wind out of me and threw me in. Then all I saw was that wall heading my way. For all I know, with those kids in charge, odds are my world is probably near dead right now" he explained in his usual tough manner. Magus spoke up again, "I'm starting to see the pieces fit together. Those things send you somewhere where there's another Necronomicon, an evil clone is made of you again, it gets to your world, and leads the forces. Meanwhile the toughest man against them is lost somewhere, unable to do anything. So, we have to kill it and get you home then. Not that I could care about your world, but they may see this one as valuable property if they need other worlds". Crono looked up. "Well, then we have to get going, otherwise we lose" he said.


11,998 B.C. in an open snow field

Lucca was tied tightly to a small tree, unable to move. The Epoch was sitting on the ground. The deadite leader was forming a large pentagram in the field, the Necronomicon in the center. He was placing candles in the points of the star. He was preparing to summon the undead army of this world to one spot to prepare for transport to the home realm. He knew that with the reinforcements on his side, the Baron of Hell could not hope to disagree with himself taking over. All that was needed now was the final incantations. He waved his hand and the candles all lit at once. Nothing could stop him now. Lucca was tied up too well, a snack for his army. And that fool Ash would never find him here. He thought Ash was too stupid. But was he? He knew Ash defeated him once before. He knew that if Ash could reach him, it could all end. So no need to wait, he thought. He only wanted to finish this quickly. He opened the book. "Cunda astratta montose eargrets gutt nos veratoos canda amantos canda" he spoke. The first of the passages was said. Now the forces were waking in all future time periods. Now, the second. As he was turning to the passage, he felt a shiver up his spine. He knew that Ash was on his way.


*AUTHOR'S NOTE* Many events mentioned here are from the story "A DooMed Generation", another of my fanfics, still being written. So don't worry about how any of that fits in here, other than it led to Ash meeting Crono and the gang.
- Kasady


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