Ash Through Time Part 8

By Kasady Voorhees

11,998 B.C. an open field

The time was ocming for the invasion to the other realm. The leader had called up his troops of this world. Now to summon them. He flipped to the correct page. "DAMN!" he screamed out, seeing the long passage. It would have to be said in its entirety or else the portal wouldn't open...... or worse. He spoke the passage.....

"Hearken, and Remember!
In the Name of ANU, Remember!
In the Name of ENLIL, Remember!
In the Name of ENKI, Remember!
When on High the Heavens had not been named...."

A portal opened in the ground. Creatures ranging from armored skeletons to rotting demons crawled out. One notably was a large, reddish-pink greature that resembled a shaved gorilla and had a mouth that could swallow Frog whole.

"...The Earth had not been named,
And Naught existed but the Seas of ABSU,
The Ancient One,
And MUMMU TIAMAT, the Ancient One,
Who bore them all,
Their Waters as one Water......"

More portals opened, and more, larger creatures poured out, including a large, upright cybernetic goat-like creature. The leader was tapping into the other Earth realm and transporting in troops, along with waking more in this one.

"...At this time, before the ELDER GODS had been
brought forth,
Uncalled by name,
Their destinies unknown aaaaaaaHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"

Several pellets tore into his back, causing him to bleed terribly. He slumped over, almost a corpse. Ash was standing behind a hill, his shotgun out. The small transportation portals closed, but the creatures that had come through remained. Magus ran out with his scythe drawn. Frog, Robo, and Crono followed. Marle ran to Lucca. Ayla stood beside Ash, ready to slaughter these things. Magus was running up to a skeleton when he heard what sounded like a walking castle. Robo noticed the thing as well. It fired a large rocket at Magus, which he could not deflect in time even with a short spell. Robo opened a chest panel and shot out a laser, detonating the rocket only feet from Magus. Ash took notice. "Oh, great, one of those Cyber- robot things!" he yelled in anger. He had seen these before. Large walking crosses between goats and tanks. And about as smart. Magus had an idea to get rid of it though. Their firepower would probably not even irritate this thing, but opening another doorway and sending it through would get rid of it. Magus ran into the opening, just feet from the thing. He casted black hole. This had to work, otherwise Magus would soon be small parts over the landscape. It was showing the signs though. It opened, pulling on the thing, and sucking in several smaller creatures. But while the thing couldn't aim, it wasn't being pulled in. Magus had to keep the black hole open. He would have too if the pink demon hadn't latched onto Magus's arm. "AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" was the only sound magus made. His arm would soon be shredded. As his arm was about to become a treat, Frog speared the Masamune through the thing's head, missing Magus by less than an inch. It fell dead.

The black hole was slowly closing though, and the Cyberdemon wasn't moving. It wasn't moving in, but it wasn't moving forward either. It was stuck in place. Ash saw a chance though. He noticed a small piston on the creature's left leg. He shot the last shell in his gun at the piston. The creature started to wobble in place. "Hmmm...." Robo said to himself. he aimed his laser at the miniature working's on the leg, and fired. The burn shattered the piston and several gears. This severed the lower leg completely off. Had Magus noticed, he would have tried to open the hole wider. Crono, Marle, Ayla, and Lucca were too busy to help though. Just then Robo knew what to do. "Clear the path! I have a plan!" he ordered. Magus jumped out of the way, in time for Robo to run into the thing. he hit it hard! So hard it fell back into the gate and snapped Robo's left arm off, which went in too. Robo also missed going in by mere inches. the creature fired off several missiles in anger, but only a few left the portal and went into the air.

If everyone hadn't been so busy fighting their small battles, they could have killed the leader, who was still bleeding on the snowy Earth. He grabbed the book, on the ground inches from him. he opened to a page.

I am the God of Gods
I am the Lord of Darkness, and Master of Magicians
I am the Power and Knowledge,
I am before all things...."

A smaller portal opened in front of him. Not enough to transport an army, but enough for one person. He looked through. he could see the Baron and several Imps around him. He was barking orders. Beyond, in the opening of the structure they were in, he could see that he was needed. he could make out large creatures fighting the dead army. His army. "Get ready for your real leader, and to be led to victory!" he yelled. The beings on the other side couldn't hear him. That is, until he stepped through.


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