Ash Through Time Prologue

By Kasady Voorhees

1002 A.D.

It was a time of celebration in the kingdom of Guardia. King Guardia was soon to be married to a new queen, and a festival was being held in Leene Square. Everyone was there, including Crono, Marle, and Lucca. "Crono, my dad wants to see you". It was marle, aka Princess Nadia. The king wanted Crono to make sue nothing went wrong today, since this was an important day, and Crono was hailed as a hero. "Crono, I imagine you know how important this is. I want you to make sure nothing goes wrong. You are a hero, and I have faith that you will keep things under control", the king told Crono. Crono could only reply with "no problem". It seemed as today would be perfect.

It was now late in the afternoon, and the festival would soon be over. This had been a perfect day. Until now. The wind started to blow violently. The sky was now dark, and people were starting to panic. "Crono! Do something!", the king yelled out. "Like what?" was all Crono could say. "I think it's a gate! Be on guard!", Lucca warned Crono and Marle. Suddenly, a large gate opened in the middle of Leene Square. A big gate. All of a sudden, something flew out and hit a wall. Then the gate closed, as if it was never there. The sky was now lit and the wind had died. But things weren't completely quiet. There was still the object that had flown out of the gate. Everyone looked to see what it could be. There was a man laying on the ground. But something was different about him. his clothes were torn, he was dirty and had several cuts, a large stick strapped to his back, and his right hand was replaced by a large machine.

This stranger started to stir. The people of Guardia didn't know if this strange man was a savior or their doom. The man opened his eyes. Then, looking around, spoke. All he could say was, "where.. in the hell.... am I now?" The man stood, checking himself over, including the machine on his hand. King Guardia, without hesitation, ordered the man taken prisoner. As the guards ran up to him, this man pulled the stick from his back, and then a loud thunder shook the land. "Oh, no you don't. Not again". Suddenly, Crono jumped in front of him, blocking him. "All right, who are you? You will not hurt these people. I'll see to that". With this, Crono drew his sword and held it to the stranger's chest. The stranger then lifted his left foot and kicked Crono in the face. "Don't threaten me.". As the stranger waited for Crono to stand, a strong wind started blowing again, and the sky became dark. Suddenly, one of the villagers turns around, only to show a scarred witch. "I'll swallow your souls!" Crono picked up his sword and went after the new invader, only to be thrown back several feet. The witch turned to Marle, and started to chase her. "You will die!". The witch was about to kill Marle, when the witch's arm flies off. The stranger is standing by the witch, holding the machine on his arm. The stranger then delivers a left hook to the witch, knocking her down. The witch shouted out, "who are you?!". The stranger then uses his stick and, with a loud thunder, kills the witch. "Name's Ash".


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