MST3K Fanfic #001 Chapter 1

By Kasady Voorhees

A Shadow Of Evil Chapter 1

By Icy Brian

The next day...

Mike: ...the story ended. The End.

"What do you mean he's gone!" screamed Lucca. "I just saw him yesterday! How did this happen?"

Servo: he probably walked. Not like he can fly.

She was speaking with Crono's mom in the

Crow: ....7th Circle of Hell!!

kitchen. Crono's mom was sitting at the table with tears in her eyes.

Servo: and pencils up her nose

"I don't know. He had just gotten home minutes before the storm began." She picked up a tissue and then continued. "He was carrying something with him, but I couldn't tell what it was. He went straight to his room and closed the door, without saying a word.

Crow: it was probably beer and dirty maga...

Mike: that's YOUR first warning!

I assumed that something was wrong, but

Mike: I was too busy worrying about myself.

decided not to bother him. A few minutes later the storm began. When it finally stopped, I saw someone outside. I had walked to the stairs to tell Crono, and I heard him scream. I ran up the stairs to see what had happened, but he wasn't there, and his room was wrecked and covered in a thick smoke."

Mike: so I see you 2 visited him!

Servo: it was an accident!

Crow: who knew those things were dangerous?

She picked up another tissue. Lucca now had fire in her eyes.

"Did you see who it was?"

"No, all I saw was his shadow. The strange thing was, I could see his eyes. One was a fiery red, while the other looked like it was

Crow: hanging out.

glass. Other than that, I couldn't make anything out."

"I'm going to look upstairs." Lucca said. Without waiting for a response

Servo: as she usually doesn't.

she went up to Crono's room. "Oh my god.

Mike: they killed Kenny!

" It was in shambles. Everything was overturned, and the window was shattered.

Mike: Hey, Crono's room looks like Servo's!

Servo: you know, it kin...HEY!

Unable to look at the sight

Crow: because her 500 pound glasses fell off,

any longer, she began to leave when the sun reflected off of something shiny in the corner. She walked over to it and realized that it was a golden staff with a note attached. She pulled off the note. It read:

Servo: I'm not a note. I'm an alien, and I'm making lo...

Mike: That's your second! One more time and you're out of here!

Servo: I'm sorry.

Lucca, I am assuming that this is in your hands. If you want to see Crono alive, come to

Crow(muffled voice): 19460 Edger Street, have the $10,000 in a paper bag, and come alone. Or with a friend. I don't care.

North Cape in 12,000 B.C.

Servo: 12,000 BC? Isn't this story taking place in 1,000 AD?

with your friends and Magus. Then we'll talk. For his sake, you had better not waste time.

"Great. Just great." she murmured. She picked up the staff and examined it. Engraved on it were symbols that she couldn't decipher.

Mike: probably regular letters.

She placed it in her bag and raced out the door saying that she had to leave.Crono's mom was better off not knowing the truth.

"He's missing!" It was Marle. Lucca had just arrived at the castle to explain to her what was going on.

"Well, yes. But, I know where he is."

Mike: well, I think I know where he is. This could be a sick joke.

Lucca pulled out the note and handed it to Marle, who read it aloud.

"...For his sake, you had better not waste time. Oh no! Who is this guy? What does he want?"

"I don't know. Do you know anyone who has one red eye and one glass eye?" Marle looked up from the note with a puzzled look on her face.

"What? Why?"

Servo: ohh, no...particular...reason.....

"Well, Crono's mom said that she saw somebody outside their house with a red eye and a glass eye just before Crono disappeared. Odds are, that's the guy who did it."

all: DUH!

Marle nodded, tears forming in her eyes. They quickly vanished as her sadness turned to rage. She handed the note back to Lucca and grabbed her crossbow.

Mike: Crossbow? If she lives in a castle, she should be able to get a whole army! It'd be much more effective, don't ya think?

"What are you waiting for? Let's get going!" Marle ran out of the castle with Lucca at her heels. They ran all the way back to Lucca's house without stopping once. Marle jumped in the Epoch,

Crow: Epoch? What's that?

Mike: It could be a foreign car.

as Lucca ran in her house to grab her gun.

Servo: it's about time!

She hurried out and jumped in the Epoch with Marle. She set the time gauge to 2300 A.D. and they disappeared in a flash...

Mike: and so are we!

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