MST3K Fanfic #001 Chapter 2

By Kasady Voorhees

(SOL: bridge)

Servo: Mike, Crow, could you come here a minute?

Crow: what is it?

Servo: I got a ne karaoke machine and I'm about to try it out.

Mike; oh, god. Well, what are you gonna sing?

Servo: you'll see. Cambot, plug me in please.

music starts. Servo starts singing

Servo( really bad): American WOMAN! Stay away from meee! American Woman! Baby set me FREEEEEE! Don't come a'knockin...

music stops and so does Servo, disappointed. Mike is holding the karaoke machine's power cord.

Servo: why'd you do that ?!

Mike: Tom, well,.... that was bad.

Crow: pretty bad.

Servo: you're joking me, right?

Mike: no, we're not.

Servo: well, then, maybe it's not the music, maybe you hate me!(starts crying)

Crow: no, no.

Mike: No, Servo, we don't hate you, it's just you need practice.

Servo: really?

Crow: couldn't hurt.

lights start buzzing

Mike: we've got MOVIESIGN!

(bone,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, theater..)

A Shadow Of Evil Chapter 2

By Icy Brian

all: We know, we know....

Lucca and Marle disembarked from the Epoch and headed inside Proto Dome, where Robo sat

Crow: watching Terminator 2 for the millionth time

unmoving and unknowing as to what was happening around him.

Servo: oh, so he's on drugs, then

Lucca wasted no time in starting him back up, and soon the cheerful robot was moving and beeping as usual.

Mike: but he was supposed to make popcorn.

"Lucca! Marle! What a pleasant surprise it is to see you!" said Robo as he surveyed his surroundings."How may I be of assistance?"

Servo: how about shuttin up?

Lucca hurriedly explained the story of

Crow: a man named Jed

what had happened to Crono, and how he must help them.Robo agreed without a moment of hesitation.

Mike: obviously not a deep thinker

"Why don't we just check the computer?" asked Lucca with a knowing look at Marle.

Crow: so this brainiac does the smart thing after the stupid thing.

"There's bound to be something on this in there."

Servo( Robo voice): nah, that's just a Pac-Man machine. You'll need quarters to play, but I don't have any blah blah blah....

She started towards the console when Marle blocked her path.

"I'd rather not know. If something happens to him... Please, for my sanity's sake, don't look." Lucca nodded and motioned for the others to follow. They all jumped onto the Epoch and headed for 65,000,000 B.C.

Servo( Sean Connery voice): new advances in technology now allow you to go to 65,000,000 B.C. faster than you could to the bathroom.


The familiar scent of the forest awaited them as the trio made their way towards

Crow: another stupid plot device to lengthen the story

Ioka Village, only a short walk from their landing spot.

Mike: why not just land next to the village? Is this a hick town with no airport?

The sound of a volcano rumbling could be heard in the distance, and two dactyls were seen flying overhead towards it. It was Ayla and Kino.

Servo: please don't let this be the Flintstones. Please, God, no!

"Oh, great, " mumbled Lucca under her breath."Everybody! in the Epoch!" The three of them charged back to the Epoch, and pursued Ayla towards the volcano. As they neared it, an ear-shattering roar emminated from the bowels of the volcano.

Crow: oh, the cave people fell in. Finally somethin interesting.

"Sounds like Tyrano," remarked Marle. Another roar was heard, louder than the first.

"It would appear to be quite distressed,"

Crow: no sh..(Mike cups his hand over Crow's mouth... er, beak) Mike: don't say it!

retorted Robo."Perhaps Ayla and Kino are quarreling with it." Lucca stared at the robot, noticing a slight difference in his actions.Ignoring this,

Mike: well, ignoring the fact that Robo was a terminator in cheap armor

she climbed to the mouth of the volcano,

Servo: and jumped in.

where she had a clear view of Ayla and Kino standing on a ledge

Servo: if they're doing what I think they're doing, I swear I'll throw up on myself.

below, with Tyrano a few feet away from them. Kino launched himself at it's knee, and it doubled-over in pain. Ayla jumped off of Kino's shoulders and landed on Tyrano's chest, as it cried out in pain. In a desperation move, Tyrano jumped up and slammed it's two adversaries against the wall.

all: Yay! whoo!

It stepped back and roared, thinking itself to be the victor.

Servo: I knew dinosaurs had small brains, but come on!

Lucca pulled out her gun and took a shot at the raving creature, knocking it back to the edge. This bought Ayla enough time to tackle it and send it falling over the edge.

Crow: looks like they're havin barbecue tonight.

"I guess that takes care of that," said Marle. She turned to face Robo, and saw him standing over Lucca. "What happened!?"

"I said for you to hurry. Next time, you should take me seriously." He raised his hand, and a bolt of lightning shot down from the sky. "I don't have time for petty fights." A ball of light surrounded him, and the princess turned away, blinded by the flash. When she turned back around, she was met by the cold stare of a tall man with a red eye.He tossed back his cape and waved his hand

Servo: what's with this waving the hand garbage? If you're gonna kill em, KELL EM!

at Marle, who in turn flew back against the side of the Epoch. He then motioned towards the volcano, and Ayla appeared next to Lucca, also unconscious.

"Who are you?" asked Marle, as the man grabbed her by the throat.

Mike( deep voice): well, ma'am, I'm an outlaw, and this ain't no place for you.

His glass eye glistened, and she noticed a large scar running from the corner of that eye down to his lip. A smile formed on his face.

Crow: he's happy to have a large, ugly scar? He has to be on dope.

"You'll find out soon enough. Now go and gather the rest!" He tossed her in the Epoch and set the dial to 600 A.D.She stared back at him, absolutely terrified as he picked up Lucca and Ayla.He vanished from sight, taking them with him. At that moment, Kino scrambled up the side of the cliff.

"Where Ayla go?"

Mike: obvioulsy not a deep thinker.

"Gone," said Marle, her head in her hands. "She's gone."

all: well, duh. We just saw what happened.


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