MST3K Fanfic #001 Chapter 3

By Kasady Voorhees

A Shadow Of Evil Chapter 3

By Icy Brian

Marle walked through the forest towards Glenn's hut with the note Lucca had dropped.

Mike: even though by this time the note was burned so bad you couldn't read it.

She had left the Epoch in a clearing outside,

Crow: oh, lets leave it in the open.

and was looking for a sign of her amphibian friend. She dropped down the ladder of his hut to find him asleep. She called out his name, which caused him to jump up, unsheathe his sword, and put it to her throat. He recoiled, realizing who his visitor was.

"I beggeth your pardon madam," apologized Glenn. "I should hath noticed thous entrance. Thy hut hath been overcome with evil these past days. I shan't be too careful." Marle looked questionably at him.

Crow: a talking medieval frog. anyone else see this a mile back?

"Evil? What sort of evil?"

Servo: the Evil Dead?

Crow: speaking of which, get Ash in here. he'll take care of the bad guys.

"Two moons ago, an odd looking beast the color of fire stood at my entryway and beckoned that I follow. With thy sword in hand, I departed my hut, and no beast was to be found. The next day I returned home to find a wizard in thy hut. I confronted him, and the coward vanished."

Crow: oh, wonderful, a talking frog on acid.

Glenn paused to take a quick glance behind him, and then continued on. "During thy present day's sleep, before thou had awakened me, a menacing scoundrel of a mage appeared in my dream. There was an evil force about him; one eye red, the other glass. After the villain utter the word 'die' in a low voice, thou awakened me, sending his image into an abyss of nothingness."


"That was more than a dream. That's the guy who kidnapped Crono, Lucca, and Ayla. I don't even know what he did with Robo." Marle explained what had happened, and handed him the note. Glenn cringed when he reached the end.

Crow: I see Santa isn't giving him presents this year.

"Thy friends hath been abducted! Come! We must head to Magus' castle at once!" Glenn started up the ladder, Marle close behind. They destroyed the small creatures which stood in their path to the Epoch,

Mike: so the philosiphy of "live and let live" is lost on them, i see.

which they entered and set off for Magus' castle.


A gloomy mist was surrounding the castle as usual. A statue of a wolf on top only added to the eerie feeling the two travelers felt. Glenn approached the door, Marle standing behind him. He began to lift the knocker, and suddenly halted.

Crow: geez, they're doing this on purpose.


"Unless thine ears deceiveth me, it would sound as though a battle is being waged inside." He threw the door open and the two stepped inside. A bright ball of fire flashed in the room which lay ahead.

Servo: hey, this guy's microwave exploded.

Sword drawn, Glenn charged into the room. Magus caught sight of the frog.

Mike: "would ya grab a fire extnguisher? Party went out of control, and...."

"Interloper! Be gone!" He shot a bolt of lightning at Glenn, sending him flying back to the main hall. Marle kneeled over him to check his condition.

"What do you say we sit this one out?" Glenn nodded. He stood up, healed himself, and stared into the next room.

Magus had his opponent pinned against the wall. He pulled out his scythe, and was about to slash his foe's throat when he squirmed free. It was Tata. The young boy picked his sword up off the ground and blindly shoved it towards Magus, who nonchalantly stepped out of the blade's path.

"Why do you challenge me little man?" questioned the dark mage. "You cannot win, and I have done you no harm!" Tata regained his senses and boldly stood facing Magus.

Crow(little kid voice): you wouldn't buy a newspaper subscription and I lost my job!

"You attacked my father! He barely lives!" Tata's face was now filled with anger.

"You speak falsely. I did no such thing," replied Magus. He lowered his scythe and gave Tata a strange look.

"Liar!" Tata snapped back. He took another swing at Magus, this time slicing his arm. Magus touched the wound, and stared at his hand, now covered with blood. His eyes darkened, and his expression turned into that of fury.

Servo: so a little kid cuts a grown man. Crow(hick voice): the boy ain't right! the boy ain't right!

"You shouldn't have done that." Magus shot a bolt of lightning at Tata, knocking him down to one knee. Magus brought his scythe to the young boy's throat. "It ends now."

"Stop!" Magus looked up to see Marle standing a few feet away. He kicked Tata in the face, sending him sprawling to the floor, unconscious.

"Princess! What do you want!"

"He may be right. Maybe you did attack his father."

"How dare you! I told you already, I did not do so. I would not waste my power on such a weakling."

"She speaks the truth Magus." Glenn had walked into the room.

"You again! Why do you accuse me of such cowardness?"

all(imitating Marle, Glenn, and tata): we hate you!

Magus now stared at the two, scythe drawn and ready to do battle.

"A shapeshifter wanders the land." Glenn began. "A fearsome man whose power surpasses even your own." Magus scoffed at this and demanded to hear more. Marle explained to him what had happened to her friends.

"This guy can't be normal. His magic is unbelievable, and his strength is overwhelming. He even looks intimidating. He's very tall and wears a dark cape. His face is battleworn, with a glass eye and a red eye, as well as a large scar on the left side." At this, Magus turned to face her.

"Blast! Tell me you are lying!" He now looked more worried than angry.

Servo: you are lying.

"No, it is the truth." Marle replied quickly. "I have seen him myself." She handed him the note. His face now was filled with both worry and rage.

"I sent him to hell long ago! How is he alive?"

Mike: i take it you've never heard of Optmus Prime.

Magus didn't wait for an answer. "Sit. There is much you should know." Glenn and Marle sat down near Tata, still unconscious. As Marle attempted to revive him, Magus began.

"His name is Omek. He harnessed my power into what it is. Long ago, he trained me in Zeal. During a heated dispute with the queen he was banished. I believe he was attempting to gain complete control over the kingdom. He returned briefly, but soon disappeared once again. I met up with him again in Guardia, 590 A.D. I had been training with Ozzie for some time then, and Omek was impressed by how much my power had improved. He once again offered to train me, which I gratefully accepted. It was then that he taught me some of my most powerful spells. My power level increased greatly, as did my defense and speed."

Mike: I see.....

Magus heard a noise and looked up. Tata was now awake, and he sat quietly to hear what Magus was saying.

"It was later when I realized how powerful he truly was. I had been walking in the forest when I noticed him sitting by the creek. I was about to greet him when I saw him change from his true form into my own. I stared at him in disbelief, amazed at what I had just seen. Quietly, I followed him towards Truce Village, and watched in horror as he murdered over a dozen inhabitants. Since that day, all of Guardia has feared and hated me."

Crow: ahh, i bet he videotaped it.

"I returned to the castle and awaited Omek's return. When he arrived, he told me that Slash, disguised as me, had massacred Truce. I decided it was best that I go along with what he was saying. He hurried me out of the castle and into the woods. Once we were fairly deep into the woods, I heard him draw his sword. I began to turn around, but it was too late. He had stabbed me in the back. On my knees I faced him. He slapped me in the face and claimed that my power had grown higher than he had ever expected. I was the one person who stood in his way of taking over Guardia. He had considered forming an alliance with me, but the greedy fool wanted the kingdom to himself. We heard crashing in the woods around us, and I looked over to see that Ozzie, Flea, and Slash had come to

Servo: play at a benefit rock concert.

my aid. Omek looked at them and back at me, saying that we would meet again. He disappeared in a cloud of smoke, and I didn't see him again for another ten years."

"This experience made me bitter towards all creatures, other than my three companions who had saved me. I lived up to my murderous reputation, spreading terror throughout the land. After my battle with you two and Crono I was sent through a time rift back to Zeal, where I posed as a Prophet. Omek was there, and he recognized me from our training in Guardia. At the time, I could not be certain whether this was Omek before or after he had attempted to kill me, and for this reason I waited for him to make the first move."

Crow: make him stop.

"I didn't need to wait for long. The day after I had returned to Zeal he struck. I had just left Enhasa when he called out my name, his sword drawn. I greeted him harshly and he struck at me. My scythe drawn, I fought back, slashing at him viciously. We fought ferociously for some time, when I finally got in a good shot. He had just attempted to strike me with a lightning bolt, which I dodged. He lost sight of me in the smoke, and as he turned to look for me I lunged at him and sliced his face with my scythe.

Servo: if I had hit him in the neck he would have died, and there wouldn't be a story.

I took him for dead and dropped him off the floating island to the land below. Apparently he survived..." Magus sighed and looked up at Marle and Glenn.

"Hold on a second," said Marle. "There's one thing I don't understand. If you knew how evil he was, why did you trust him when you met him in Guardia?" Magus smiled.

"Well, princess, the answer is actually quite simple. You see," Magus paused for a moment. "Omek is my

Mike: father?

Crow: father?

Servo: father?


Mike:anyone else not expect that? .


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