MST3K Fanfic #001 Chapter 4

By Kasady Voorhees

A Shadow Of Evil Chapter 4

By Icy Brian

Magus, Glenn, and Marle prepared to leave the castle and head for

Crow: Ozzfest

North Cape. Magus instructed Marle and Glenn to wait in the Epoch while he retrieved something. After they were out of his sight, he walked deep into the castle and into a dark room,

Crow: played Nintendo, drank a beer, slept for several hours, and then went back outside with the item, which he picked up before he left castle.

lit only by a single candle protruding from a demonic-looking candle holder. After turning around to make sure he was not being followed, he pulled a golden staff from a pouch at his side and pulled down on the candle holder. A hidden wall opened up, and he placed the staff inside.

"Omek, if you think you're going to get this," Magus murmured to himself. "It will have to be over my dead body."

Mike: dont ya just love foreshadowing?

He turned around and left, heading out of the castle to the Epoch. He stood before the great machine, still amazed at the technology which it required.

Servo: come on, it's made from an old Pinto! I'm surprised it can fly.

A noise in the shrubbery behind him caused him to turn around. Glenn and Marle heard it as well, and they stepped out of the Epoch to see what it was.

"Who goes there!" Magus called into the night. A small figure stepped out of the brush, standing tall and brave.


"It is I, Tata."

"You again? I am short on time and temper. Feel lucky that I don't kill you where you stand.

Crow: oh, come on, do it!

Servo: just kill him and get it over with.

What do you want? Make it quick."

Mike: their idea of quick being 10 minutes.

"I wish to accompany you." Tata said boldly. Magus scoffed at him.

"Why would I need the help of a mere child? For what reason do you wish to fight? Are you really that eager to die?"

Crow: one can only hope.

"I want revenge against Omek. He attacked my family, and I can't allow that. He must pay for what he has done." Tata was beginning to look angry. Magus looked at him and laughed.

"Ignorant fool! You could not manage to kill me! How do you plan on defeating someone as powerful as Omek!" Magus laughed again. Tata now looked disheartened.

"I...I don't know. I'll think of something."

"You have much heart young one. Sadly, that will do you no good when it is lying by your side."

Mike: is that all this guy thinks about?

He looked at Tata. The boy was clearly upset and disappointed. Magus sighed. "Very well, you may come. You will remain at the End Of Time for training until I give further notice. If you are killed, I shall not be held responsible. Understood?" Magus asked sternly. Tata didn't fully understand what Magus meant, but he nodded anyways. "Very well then. The reptile shall remain here while we take you to meet Gaspar and Spekkio. We will be back in no time. Let's go." Glenn was offended by Magus' remark, but kept his mouth shut. Marle didn't like Magus' attitude either, but realized that they needed him in order to get their friends back. The three got in the Epoch and departed, leaving Glenn alone in front of the eerie castle.

Servo: I hope they leave him there for the rest of this story.


As Marle, Magus, and Tata disembarked from the Epoch, they were greeted by the familiar face of an old man with a top hat leaning against a light pole. The man nodded upon seeing the first two, but was slightly puzzled when the third entered his view.

"I see we have a new visitor. Who might this young lad be?"

Mike(imitating Magus): crazy old man, this is annoying boy. Annoying boy, meet crazy old man.

Gaspar asked, though he already knew the answer. Tata walked up to him.

"I am Tata. Sir Magus has instructed that I stay here while he goes to North Cape with Princess Marle and Sir Glenn. What, exactly, is this place?" Gaspar was about to answer, when he was interrupted by Magus.

"Gaspar, I must speak with you at once." Gaspar followed Magus towards the pillars of light. "My father has returned. He has taken hostage Crono, Lucca, and Ayla. I could care less about them,

Servo: what a jerk!

but I know that he has come for the golden staff which I possess. There are three in existence: I have one, Melchior has one hidden away, and I am not aware of the whereabouts of the third, though I suspect he has it. He cannot get the staffs. If he uses them to open the Demon's Portal, who knows the chaos it will cause."

Mike: like making the story drag on?

"You presume correctly Prince Janus," responded Gaspar. "Omek does have one of the staffs. Crono had it in his possession briefly. He had dug it out of one of your father's old hideouts, not quite realizing how powerful it was. Omek found out about it, and chased him down. Apparently something prevented him from stealing it back, because Lucca found it after Omek resurfaced. However, she had it with her when she was taken by your father, so he now has one of the staffs." Magus frowned and rested his palm on his scythe.

Crow: please say he set it on the sharp edge.

"Even one is too many for him. We must stop him from getting the others. I trust that you will allow the boy to train with Spekkio. What he lacks in strength and size he makes up for in determination and courage."

Servo: somethin's wqrong here. he complimented someone.

Gaspar nodded. Magus turned around. "Just don't tell him I said anything. Explain to him where he is, and the history of our journeys, beginning with the fool Crono. I believe we must leave now. Goodbye."

Mike(old man voice): and don't come back ya crazy kids!

Magus motioned for Marle to join him, and the two hopped in the Epoch. Tata watched them leave, and then walked over to Gaspar.

"So," he said. "Can you please explain to me what's going on here?"

Mike(old man voice again): explain what's goin on where? Well, back in 1947....


Glenn stood before Magus' castle awaiting the return of his two companions. He had hardly been alone for more than a few minutes when the Epoch reappeared in front of him.

"I see thou hast returned," Glenn said calmly. "I fear we haven't much time. Let us be off."

"Wait," said Magus. "I must explain to you Omek's true intentions.

Servo: please. I thought they were in a hurry.

He is gathering the Demon's Staffs to attempt to open a portal between worlds. If he should succeed, a great tragedy may be upon us. The Gurus used the staffs to seal off the gate long ago. Legend says the gate was discovered inside a mountain after a rockslide revealed it. At first, the gate was seen as a blessing; scouts could be sent into many different lands to gather materials and food which could not be found in ours. However, soon the people of those lands found out about the gates, and had different intentions. Demons and armored troops came through the gate in an attempt to destroy us.

Crow: hey, that's the plot of Doom. Speaking of which, get the space marine in here to finish this quick.

It took every effort our people had to keep them at bay while the Gurus sealed the gate with the staffs."

Serv: yeah, like sleeping all day can be called effort.

"You speak as though you were there when it happened. When was this?" Marle asked curiously. Magus laughed.

"Princess, this was before the time of either myself or Schala. I'm afraid I can't tell you the exact year. I would assume that it was approximately fifteen years before my birth when the gate was sealed."

Mike: you assume. So you don't really know much about what reall y happened.

Glenn nodded and looked at the sky.

"I believe we hath little time," he said gloomily. "We had best go to meet Omek at once." Marle, Magus, and Glenn were prepared to enter the Epoch when a voice behind them stopped them in their paths.

"That won't be necessary." The three turned around to see Omek standing in front of the castle, an evil look on his face, and a golden staff on his belt.

Servo: well maybe next time they'll have storytime somewhere safe.


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