MST3K Fanfic #001 Chapter 5

By Kasady Voorhees

A Shadow Of Evil Chapter 5

By Icy Brian

"Omek!" Marle jumped off the side of the Epoch to the ground below. Glenn did the same, while Magus drew his scythe, ready for a fight. He stepped out of the Epoch's golden glow and into the night's darkness, only a hint of moonlight shining through the trees above.

"Dare you appear at my castle? Why have you come?" Magus demanded.

Mike: didn't we already go over that?

Omek laughed, but said nothing. Growing impatient, Magus hurled a bolt of lighting at him. Omek flinched slightly, but remained unharmed. He laughed at his son's warning.

"You should know you can't defeat me. Hand it over, and I will spare you."

"Why should I trust you? You stabbed me in the back once. What prevents you from doing it again?"

Servo(Omek voice): cause I'm no longer in the business world son.

"This is bigger than that. Hell, this is bigger than anything you could possibly imagine! With this much power, I will need your help to contain it. You are my son, my own flesh and blood. Join me, and I promise you that we can rule the world!" Omek had a smile on his face, though behind the smile hid an evil that Magus feared.

Crow: Magus fearing something? that's a first.

"I am no fool! As soon as you no longer need my services you will turn on me once more. I will never give you the staff. If you want it, you shall have to kill me first!" Magus glanced over at Marle and Glenn. Both had their weapons drawn, prepared to fight as well. He looked back at Omek, who had a disgusted look on his face.

"I hoped it wouldn't have to come to this. But if you are so eager to die, then so be it!"

Servo(Omek voice again): YOU WERE AN ACCIDENT!

He held a hand high in the air and chanted a series of words. He lowered the hand and from it shot a multitude of fireballs.

Mike: let me guess, he's one of the Mario brothers, too.

Glenn quickly extinguished the flames, while Marle hit Omek in the chest with a ball of ice. He staggered backwards, and retaliated by shocking Marle with a bolt of lightning. She fell to her knees, wounded by the blast. Omek laughed and turned to look at his son. Magus was standing next to a tree, his eyes closed. They suddenly shot open, and one of his arms flew forward. A wave of water appeared behind Omek, engulfing him as it collapsed forward. He stood up in the puddle which had formed. A crash above him caused him to look upwards. Clouds had formed, and from them several bolts of lightning fell to the ground. A scream came from the cloud of smoke and fire. Seconds later Omek emerged, his clothes tattered and burnt, and covered in a black soot. His face had a menacing scowl on it, and as he raised his arm, the branch above Magus' head began to crack. Before he had a chance to move, the limb had fallen, trapping Magus beneath it.

Crow: hey, guys, if I went out and painted the Empire State building, would I miss anything?

Servo: probably not.

Mike: I'd doubt it.

Crow: cause with all the lightning, water, and stuff falling on people and no one dead, I'm starting to wonder if this is a Bugs Bunny cartoon or made by the guys who did 'Airplane!'.

Mike: I hear ya.

Omek scanned the area for Glenn and Marle. He could see neither of them, and walked towards the Epoch to check. A rustle in the trees above diverted his attention, and while distracted a wave of ice slammed him into an old tree. The force snapped the foundation, and the tree collapsed. Glenn emerged from the brush, and glanced over at Marle, who was on the other side. They walked down the length of the tree to it's base. Omek was gone.

Mike: please say this is over.

Behind the two, Omek stood laughing. A ball of fire formed in his hand, growing rapidly. He thrust his arm forward, and the flame engulfed Marle and Glenn. He motioned towards them with his other hand, and several bolts of lightning flew into the flames. With a nod of his head a flood of water rushed over the fire, putting out the flames and revealing two figures laying unmoving on the ground.

"Is that all? I expected more from fighters of your caliber."

Servo: oh, come on! If you were so great, why didn't you kill em long ago? It's a princess and a talking frog!

Omek looked over at the limb that had fallen; Magus was no longer there. "I am disappointed in you son. Any being trained by me should have posed more of a challenge. Come out and die like a man!"

"I am right here." Magus emerged from behind a tree, one hand to his head. "Don't plan on living any longer than I." As he said this, Omek chanted a few words, beginning to cast a spell. Magus did the same, casting Dark Matter. Both released simultaneously, causing a bright white flash to light up the sky. And then, it was darkness for them both.


"Janus..." He could hear a voice above him calling.

"Janus..." The voice was becoming louder, and a figure slowly came into view.

Crow; what now, a Beetlejuice ripoff?

"Wake up Janus..." He blinked his eyes a few times, and they focused in on the person who kneeled above him.

"Schala! Is it really you?" He sat up and stared at her, amazed that she was alive.

"Yes Janus, it's me. You had us all worried." He looked around and realized he was at the End of Time. Crono and Marle were sitting by the fence talking; behind them Lucca was speaking with Ayla. Glenn and Tata were asleep below the lightpole, next to which stood Gaspar.

" are you alive? I thought you went down with the Ocean Palace."

Servo: well how in the hell are you alive? You should be a pile of burnt bones by now.

"Not quite. I was barely able to escape through a gate. Who knows how long I've been travelling trying to find you. The other day I stumbled into a gate and ended up here. Gaspar told me that you were hurt, and I went to get you." Schala looked around the room. "You were badly wounded, as were Marle and Glenn. I brought you three back here to recover. As for Omek...he was dead when I got there."

"Then it is over." Janus laughed. "Strange though. I expected more from him. Oh well. I'm just glad that you are alright."

"And I too am glad for your safety. Come, we should speak with the others to find out what to do next. Omek may be gone, but we still need to do something about the staffs."

"They are pure evil. We must destroy them immed..."

"No!" Schala cut in. Janus looked at her strangely. "I mean, we may need them one day. Some good may come of them, you know."

Mike: dead? like hell he is!

"Yes, perhaps you are correct." He turned to Gaspar. "What do you suggest we do with the staffs? You should know better than anyone."

"Give them to Schala. She already has the one which Omek held. Go to your castle and give the staff you keep there to her. Afterwards you can retrieve the third from Melchior. He will be so glad to see the two of you that he won't hesitate to give the staff to you. For now, go to your castle and get your staff. Be quick about it!" Janus was surprised at Gaspar's haste in getting the staffs, but dismissed it as having no significance. Schala turned him around to face her.

Servo: everyone is suddenly meaner than he is. I have a feeling about this.

Crow: i don't believe it- a good part.

Mike: this story is getting interesting all of a sudden.

"We must hurry. Who knows how many thieves would like to get their hands on that staff." The two stepped into the Epoch, and seconds later they had stopped in front of the gloomy castle, the mist surrounding it seemingly thicker than ever before. As Janus stepped out, he saw Omek's lifeless body in a heap upon the ground. Had he cared, he may have mourned. But the man was too full of lust for power and greed to be worth the trouble. Schala grabbed him by the arm and hurried him into the castle. She led him into a room deep inside, lit only by a dim candle.

"Now, get me the staff." Janus walked up to the candle holder and lifted his arm. He looked back at Schala, who had a grin on her face. She motioned for him to hurry. Janus turned back to the candle, and noticed an open book on a table in front of him. Lifting it up, he glanced down at the page. The words...he couldn't make them out. The whole page was full of letters, but they made no sense. He turned the page, but the next didn't make sense either. Flipping through the book, Janus saw that the entire tome was the same way. He set it down as he suddenly realized what was happening.

"This isn't real...None of this is real!"

Mike: took him long enough.

He turned around to face Schala. She looked at him with a sinister look on her face. "You're not real!" A flash of light filled the room. Schala was gone, and in her place stood Omek.

"Well Janus, you finally figured it out. I'm a fair man. Give me the staff and you can rule by my side. Just think about it. You would be in charge of all the puny humans! Now give it to me."

Servo: he says that like he expects Magus to do it.

Janus pulled down on the candle holder, revealing a golden staff inside the wall.

"You want it? Come and take it." Janus stepped aside and held his hand out to the wall.

"No! You must give it to me!" Omek now urgently put forth his hand. Janus laughed.

Servo: again, he acts like Magus will just hand it over.

"Just as I thought. Your sorcery won't help you here. It's a double-edged sword; you can get the staff, but only if it is handed to you. You can't just take it here. It's all a matter of will, and mine is the greater." Janus laughed again. Omek smiled, pulling back his hand.

"Yes, but I now know of the staffs location. I cannot take it from you in the unconscious, but in the state of consciousness I can do as I please. Goodbye Janus. When next we meet, I shall have another staff in my possession, and you will have no choice but to bow down before me."

Crow: well, he cartainly screwed up this time.

Omek started to leave the room, when Janus stopped him.

"You'll never get away with this. I'll see to it."

"You don't get it, do you? I've already succeeded. It's only a matter of time. I'll give you one last chance. Come to North Cape tomorrow at dawn, and bring with you the final staff and the last of your allies." With this, Omek vanished, leaving Janus alone once again.

Mike: yep, definitely alone.



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