MST3K Fanfic #001 Interlude

By Kasady Voorhees


Mike: Hi, Crow....Servo....what's going on?

Crow: We're gonna use this time machine here to try to get ourselves off the satellite.

Mike: Like when you went bacj the first time and spent 11 years living with my girlfriend? Or the time I died because you told me to go after a music career?

Servo: Oh, no! I'm going with him. We can't possibly screw up this time!

Mike: Uhh, yeah, right. I'm gonna lie down. My head hurts.

Crow: What's you say Mike?

Servo: Hmm... well, let's get going. We don't have all day.

Servo and crow crawl into a small tube which leads to a large machine outside of the ship.

Servo: Cambot, get me rocket #9. I wanna see this launch!

We now see the time machine outside of the satellite. after a few bright flashes, it disappears.


Crow: hey, what's this knob do?

Crow turns the knob. All hell breaks loose.


1000 A.D.

the time machine falls out of the sky and lands hard, right in front of Lucca's house. Crono, Lucca, Marle, Magus, Robo, Frog, and Ayla are there(like it would be a story if they weren't).

Lucca: What was that?

Frog: Another earthquake, perhaps?

they run outside. The 2 bots stick their heads out of the time machine.

Servo: Where are we?

Crow: I don't..... oh, no.

Servo: Oh, dear God, no!

Robo: Greetings. I am Robo, and these are my friends. Would you like...

Crow: Err, just shut up.

Lucca: I don't believe it. Small sentient robots.

Magus: What do you want? Why are you here?

Servo: Well, Mr Take-Charge Guy, we came looking for help. Our human friend Mike is trapped on a satellite. We're trying to save him.

Crono: What time period? Lucca, does Epoch still work?

Crow: What do you think we came here in, a Buick?

Crono: Oh, right.

Servo: We could use 4 of you to help us.

Lucca: But the laws of time and space say only 3 can travel at a time.

Crow: Servo, does this apply to us?

Servo: When does it ever?

Crow: Good point.

Servo: So, anyway, I'm Tom Servo, and this is Crow T. Robot.

Robo: I'll go.

Crow: Only if you promise to keep quiet.

Servo: We'll also take scary guy, kid with sword, and brainiac.

Crono: All right.

The 4 get in. Servo hits some buttons, and they're off. The ship stops a few minutes later.

Servo: Oops. Something's wrong.


Dr Forrester: Well, Joel, how's the movie so far. Are you going insane yet?


Joel(sarcastically): I'm on the edge, sir.

Original Crow: Me too. This movie is painful.



Servo: We didn't go far enough.

Crow: FIX IT! I don't wanna put up with Dr Forrester anymore.

Magus: You'd better.

after a few button presses, the ship disappears, only to go back to 1000 AD.

Servo: Sorry about this. You can go now.

Crono: But..

Crow: Yeah, go.

the 4 get off the ship. The ship then leaves, ending up back at it's own time. The bots get back on the SOL.

Mike: I see you screwed up.

Servo: Yep.

Crow: Yep.

Mike: And you're traumatized, I see.

lights flash




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